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Wayfarer armor
  • Wayfarer armor equipped (male)
  • Wayfarer armor equipped (female)
Set BonusKilling enemies grants a stacking damage buff. Breaking pots grants a stacking movement speed buff. Mining ore grants a stacking mining speed buff. All buffs stack up to 4 times.
Inflicts BuffExplorer's Strength.pngExplorer's Strength
Buff duration10 seconds
Buff tooltipKeep digging!
Grants BuffExplorer's Vigor.pngExplorer's Vigor
Buff duration6 seconds
Buff tooltipYou're eager for more!
Grants BuffStrike Strength.pngStrike Strength
Buff duration4 seconds
Buff tooltipYou're getting the hang of it!
RarityRarity Level: 1
Sell1 Gold Coin 20 Silver Coin

Wayfarer armor is a Pre-Hardmode armor set rewarded by the Adventurer after completing the Durasilk Sheaf Primary Quest.

It consists of a Wayfarer's Hat, Wayfarer's Rucksack, and Wayfarer's Pants.

The Wayfarer's Hat gives 1 defense and provide immunity to the Darkness debuff; the Wayfarer's Rucksack gives 2 defense and 6% increased movement speed; and the Wayfarer's Pants gives 1 defense and 5% increased movement speed.

A full set provides a total of 4 defense, immunity to the Darkness debuff and 8% increased movement speed. It's set bonus allows the player to obtain 4 stacks of Strike Strength, Explorer's Strength, and Explorer's Vigor.

  • "Strike Strength" increases the player's damage dealt by 3% per stack, up to a maximum of 12%. Obtained by killing enemies.
  • "Explorer's Strength" increases the player's mining speed by 5% per stack, up to a maximum of 20%. Obtained by mining ore.
  • "Explorer's Vigor" increases the player's movement speed by 5%, up to a maximum of 20%. Obtained by breaking pots.

This provides the player wearing a fully stacked set of Wayfarer's armor with the following stats;

  • 4 defense
  • Immunity to the Darkness debuff
  • 28% increased movement speed
  • 12% increased damage
  • 4% stacks of increased mining speed


Wayfarer's Hat
  • Wayfarer's Hat inventory sprite
Stack digit 1.png
TooltipImmunity to Darkness
Sell40 Silver Coin
Wayfarer's Rucksack
  • Wayfarer's Rucksack inventory sprite
Stack digit 1.png
Body slotShirt
TooltipIncreases movement speed by 6%
Sell40 Silver Coin
Wayfarer's Pants
  • Wayfarer's Pants inventory sprite
Stack digit 1.png
Body slotPants
TooltipIncreases movement speed by 5%
Sell40 Silver Coin



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