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This page contains all version updates and patches to the Spirit Mod, some insignificant patches are not included.

Release date Version Name Highlights & notes
March 27th, 2021 "Sinister Sands" Changelog:[1]

- 120 new items

- 19 new enemies

- Brand new Scarabeus, Vinewrath Bane, and Snow Monger complete overhauls

- New Fathomless Vases, an Underground Microstructure to explore and test your luck with...

- Completely overhauled Dark Sepulchres, now complete with new loot, a special encounter, and a miniboss encounter

- The new artificial Hyperspace Biome

- Gambler Lootbox overhaul

- 5 new music tracks

- New ambient effects, overlays, and sounds

- Countless resprites, bug fixes, weapon and NPC improvements, and so much more!

December 23rd, 2020 "Lighting Up The World" Changelog:[2]

- 1 new boss, the Moon Jelly Wizard

- 1 new Event, the Jelly Deluge

- A new melee subclass, Clubs!

- A new sentry subclass, Arcane Zones

- Summoner Expansion, including 15 new weapons and a few special accessories and armor

- New Lore that can be found around the world in the form of books and artwork

- 98 new items

- 6 new enemies

- 7 new music tracks

- 3 new quests

- Numerous ambient changes in vanilla and modded biomes

- Dozens of bug fixes and improvements in both singleplayer and multiplayer

August 7th, 2020 "A world Beyond" The Update was the long-awaited overhaul to the Spirit Mods content in Pre-Hardmode. It included the reworks of Ancient Avian and the Starplate Voyager as well as overhauls to the Briar and The Tide. It also included new additions such as the Asteroid Fields Biome and the Occultist, a new miniboss for the Blood Moon.
October 21, 2017 Hotfixes mod now doesn't break multiplayer
October 21, 2017 1.3.2 Halloween Patch Changelog:

-Added trick or treating! Talk to an NPC during the night during halloween, and they'll give you a piece of candy, with atlesat 2 possible lines of new dialogue. Candy is also obtainable from goodie bags, or the new candy bowl, sold by merchant during halloween DIFFERENT TYPES OF CANDY GIVE DIFFERENT EFFECTS Also regular candy has a random pun on it each time -Added trick or treating bag! If it's in your inventory, it will hold candy. Take a piece by right clicking.

-Added spooky grass, which is sold by the dryad post ML during halloween. It is purely decorational, but grows spooky trees to drop spooky wood.

-Added pumpkin grenade, made with pumpkins and grenades. Explodes a bit larger than regular grenades

-Added various vanity masks from goodie bags. This includes developer masks and the rare hulk mask.

-Added new spooky wood weapons, for a little more options from the pumpkin moon.

-Added the couch, Chippy's donator item


-Made small changes to glyphs. Now havet context sensitive tooltips

-Added more variants of reach and spirit foliage

-Fixed a small glitch with the ring of willpower causing constant summon noises

-Infernon now properly drops infernal band in expert

-Fixed missing pixels in reach background

-Shard of thanos now properly circles using players

-Sturdy cooldown doesn't make you invisible, and can be cancelled by the nurse.

-Blank glyphs have no value

-Pets now can't be used when another pet is being used

-Acid imbue effect can now be cancelled

-Fixed damage types for many weapons

Overall, added 28 new items

 September 23, 2017 Hotfixes Changes:

- Fixed Expert Dusking flying away upon reaching second form

- Fixed Ancient Flier not ticking off on Boss Checklist

- Fixed multiple items having too much dust

- Changed how Reach Grass looks, made it nice and clean

- Fixed the sell price and ammo consumption of some items, including Spaz Lung

- Fixed Infernon not dropping his stuff in Normal Mode

-CHANGED HOW GLYPHS DROP: They now only drop upon the first time you kill a boss. To compensate, more Glyphs drop per boss.

- Fixed some projectiles dealing inconsistent types of damage as opposed to what damage they actually had to deal


- Lowered the drop chance of many blue moon things


- New dungeon enemies! Look out for some mean Dungeon Cubes sliding toward you, with different sprites based on what Dungeon you're in.

- A new Blue Moon enemy, The Omniscient, has appeared! Look out for this all-seeing being, and his drop!

- The Jabberwocky is now a true miniboss, with a loot table and more

September 16th, 2017 1.3.1 "Mythical Rebalancing Update" Developers rebalanced everything from the ground up. This update aims to make your next (or current) Spirit playthrough smooth, with more powerful items and more interesting bosses!


- A new event, the Blue Moon! This hardmode event can occur any night, or can be summoned with an Turquouise Lens at nighttime. Can you ward off the mythical beings, from Wererabbits to Jabberwockies?

- The Grove- a small microstructure(not a biome) that spawns underground. It seems to be an ancient, overgrown graveyard, but be careful, lest you disturb one of the graves...

- The Enchanter- a new NPC that spawns when you have a Blank Glyph in your inventory! The enchanter exchanges Blank Glyphs(obtained from bosses, and rarely from enemies) for Glyphs, items that enchant your weapons to give them special effects!

- Glyphs: Sold by the Enchanter for Blank Glyphs throughout progression, Glyphs can be used via right-click on the item you currently hold to give them bonus effects! To get rid of Glyphs, simply reforge your item.

- New Reach Generation- There will only be one Reach that generates on new world, but it will be slightly larger. It also has custom trees, a new background, and more!

- Reach Furniture

- New Music for the following bosses: Infernon, Ethereal Umbra, Starplate Raider

- About 70 new items, a new miniboss, and more!


- Most sets have been buffed, with some armors gaining new set bonuses, and some weapons getting new abilities!

- New Set Bonuses: Geode Armor, Lihzahrd Armor, Vinecaller Armor, and others!

- Most bosses have been changed! Here is a little about each boss:

- Scarabeus: No longer breaks platforms! Instead, he shoots little homing gilded energy which forces you to move around

- Vinewrath: Nerfed his projectile spam a little

- Ancient Flier: Now moves faster, and shoots a special projectile in Expert Mode! To prevent minion spam, a cap has been placed on his Bone Harpy minions

- Starplate Raider: Nerfed the spamminess of stars, increased protection against piercing weapons

- Infernon: Nerfed his projectile spam. In Expert Mode, a second form has been introduced! Can you defeat the true master of hell?

- Dusking: Now faster, more powerful, and with extra projectiles. Watch out!

- Ethereal Umbra: Greatly buffed its health, and the Ethereal Mirage is now a threat in Expert Mode

- Illuminant Master: Nerfed his teleportation range and his projectile spam

- Atlas: Buffed his speed and his projectiles. Atlas is now actually a threat! Best of luck!

- Overseer: Not many changes here. Slight nerfs in damage.

- Added special water shaders for the Spirit Biome and Reach, as well as a new shader for the Spirit Biome

- Resprites for a few items and tiles, including Spirit Ore, Cryolite Ore, Boss Icons on screen, as well as some misc. yoyos

- Artifact Accessories now empower their respective weapons with special bonuses!

- A mod icon for the Mod Browser Hotfixes Fixed some bugs and typos.
1.3 "The Other Big Update" Added over 130 items, 2 bosses and many enemies along with balancing and fixes. Hotfixes Various nerfs and spelling fixes. Hotfixes Fixed Lone Trapper spawning Pre Hardmode. Content Update Added Artifact Weapons and Accessories along with a few enemies and donator items. Hotfixes Fixed some bugs Hotfixes Fixed Lihzahrd Wand drop chance.
1.2 "The Big Update" Hotfixes Fixed some bugs, added donator stuff
1.1.3 Hotfixes Fixed some bugs and streamlined progression Hotfixes Fixed some bugs, made some things better, etc.
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