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The Beginner's Guide to Weaponry
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Tooltipby Knight-Crusader Aurelius
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The Beginner's Guide to Weaponry is a Guide recommending various weapons to be used in the early game.


The Beginner's Guide to Weaponry

 by Knight-Crusader Aurelius

The following is a transcript of an informational speech made by adventurer Aurelius Finch, Knight-Crusader.
Hey, all! Knight-Crusader Aurelius here, again. Before we get started (and on a completely unrelated note), my last guide on Armor didn't sell as well as I want to, and I have no clue why! But I need YOUR money to support my lavish hero lifestyle. So buy this new weapon guide for your dad, your grandma, and maybe even your cat. Please? I promise it'll be useful!
The Beginner's Guide to Weaponry
Aside from a strong set of armor, you'll need a trusty weapon by your side to really stand out as an adventurer. Now, not all of us can have a weapon that's as flashy as my trusted fireblade. And some of you never will! But that's okay. Let's start small, with weapons that are reliable and easy to forge.
Wooden Club.png Wood.png Wooden Club: You'll definitely need some arm strength for this one. Throw together some wood at a workbench to make this ugly but effective club. I have an image to maintain, so I'd never be caught dead using this thing. But it makes for a great crowd-control tool!
Frigid Javelin.png Frigid Fragment.png Frigid Javelin: Do you live close to a snowy tundra or boreal forest? Then this weapon is perfect for you! Simply harvest some Frigid Fragments and temper them at an anvil to make this ice-cold, razor sharp weapon. Unlike other inaccurate throwing weapons (who uses those, anyway?), you can aim for precise strikes with javelins!
Bismite Crystal Staff.png Bismite Crystal.png Bismite Crystal Staff: Normally, I wouldn't recommend summoned creatures, since they love to bite me and rip up my things. But you won't have that problem with a semi-sentient poisonous rock, that's for sure. Made of Bismite Shards, it's sure to help deal with enemies for you.
Jellyfish Staff.png Coral.png Jellyfish Staff: Again, familiars and I don't get along, but this one has no teeth or claws! I suggest this little electrical buddy because you may not be strong enough to fight on your own, like I am. But keep trying, and you're maybe probably not going to get to my level! Until then, piece together this shockingly effective weapon from Coral, Starfish, and Glowsticks.
Floran Cutter.png Floran Bar.png floran Cutter: Now, if you want a sleek, cool, and potent weapon, look no further. The caveat is that you'll need to venture into the depths of the dark Briar to harvest Floran Bars. Are you capable of doing that? Probably not! But if you do manage to luck out, throw these sharp disks along the ground and watch them cut up your foes.
Cactus Staff.png Cactus.png Cactus Staff: Would you ever think that would have magical properties? I sure wouldn't! The only interaction I've had with cacti is falling straight into a pit of pricklethorns when I was a novice adventurer, like you. But I've been told that Cactus Staves are quite powerful and poisonous.
I'm barely breaking even anymore. These pieces of junk better tide me over so I can afford that solid gold statue I commissioned. Well, the people still love me. I'm sure they'll buy my book this time. Hey, why are you still here? The speech is over. Shoo!