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Can be used on a page to display what items can drop from a grab bag.


{{grab bag| title = Scarabeus | boss = yes
| expertloot = 1 | expertcolor = rainbow
| Scarab Charm | 100% | 1 |
| Longhorn Blade | 20% | 1 | group
| Adorned Bow | 16.67% | 1 | group
| Staff of the Insect Brood | 33.33% | 1 | 
| Chitin | 100% | 25-35 |
| Silver Coin | 100% | 179-280 |
  • "title": the name of the grab bag. In case the grab bag is a Treasure Bag, the name of the boss should be provided instead.
  • "boss": is a switch to indicate that the grab bag is a Treasure Bag. Any non-empty value can be given.
  • "expertloot": optional. The amount of Expert Mode-only items the grab bag can drop. Defaults to 0, or 1 if the grab bag is a Treasure Bag.
  • "expertcolor": optional. The background color for Expert Mode-only items. Defaults to orange. If the value "rainbow" is used, a rainbow gradient will be used instead.
  • For every item a row with an item name, drop chance, and amount should be present. In case the item's drop chance is mutually exclusive with the item below it, the value "group" can be put at the end of the row to omit the line limiter, otherwise it should be omitted (though the | character is still required!).
  • Additionally, if the item drops along with another one (like the Grenade Launcher dropping along with some Rockets), a "+" can be used to add the extra item.
  • Up to 15 rows are supported.

This results in:

Treasure Bag (Scarabeus).png Scarabeus
Item Chance Amount
Scarab Charm.png Scarab Charm 100% 1
File:Longhorn Blade.png Longhorn Blade 20% 1
Adorned Bow.png Adorned Bow 16.67% 1
File:Staff of the Insect Brood.png Staff of the Insect Brood 33.33% 1
Chitin.png Chitin 100% 25-35
Silver Coin.png Silver Coin 100% 179-280
  • Note: The above items, drop chances and amounts were used for educational purposes, these do not reflect the actual in-game values.