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Spirit Underground is a Hardmode underground biome that is located below the surface of the Spirit Biome. The caverns are divided into three layers, with each layer getting darker and spookier the deeper you explore the depths.

When exploring the first layer, it will play Fearful Atmosphere, the second layer will play Ghastly Atmosphere and lastly, the third layer will play Hellish Atmosphere.


Spirit Underground
Characters Unique Drops For Sale

All Layers:

Spirit Bat.png Spirit Bat
Wandering Soul.png Wandering Soul

1st Layer:

Spirit Floater.png Spirit Floater
Spirit Skull.png Spirit Skull
Unstable Wisp.png Unstable Wisp

3rd Layer:

Ancient Specter.png Ancient Specter
Soul Crusher.png Soul Crusher


Soul Orb.png Soul Orb
From Ancient Specters, Spirit Bats and Soul Crushers:
Ethereal Ember.gif Ethereal Ember

From Spirit Bats and Soul Crushers:

Spirit Ore.png Spirit Ore

From Ancient Specters:
Spirit Sickle.png Spirit Sickle

From Soul Crushers:

Gravehunter.png Gravehunter

From Spirit Floaters:

Soul Weaver.png Soul Weaver

From Spirit Skulls:

Spiritflame Staff.png Spiritflame Staff

From Wandering Souls:

Stone of Spirits Past.png Stone of Spirits Past

From terrain:
Spirit Dirt.png Spirit Dirt
Spirit Ore.png Spirit Ore
Grimstone.png Grimstone

From Fishing:

Spirit Koi.png Spirit Koi
Spirit Crate.png Spirit Crate
From Steampunker:
Cyan Solution.png Cyan Solution
Grey Solution.png Grey Solution


  • Going deeper into the depths will cause the background to distort and glitch out.
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