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Welcome to the Official Spirit Mod Wiki,
the comprehensive reference about the mod, written and maintained by the players.
8 active editors (of 30,012,439 registered) are currently maintaining 1,263 articles (6,269 total pages) and 2,513 files.
Scarabeus.pngThe Mod

"Terraria is a land of adventure! A land of mystery! A land that's yours to shape, defend, and enjoy. Your options in Terraria are limitless. Are you an action gamer with an itchy trigger finger? A master builder? A collector? An explorer? There's something for everyone.".

Whilst that's all well and good, sometimes the base game can get a bit boring and dull. Feeling like you've obtained every last item you can humanely obtain? Have you defeated every boss to the point where fighting them just feels rather stale? Are you just plain out tired of the vanilla game? Well the Spirit Mod can fix that right up for you!

Due to the creation of tModLoader, an abundance of new expansion mods have been released, one of these being the Spirit Mod. With 10 new bosses, over 1000 new items, over 140 enemies, 2 entirely new Biomes and a complete scaling as you progress styled event, the Spirit Mod is a huge expansion mod and simply a must-install to any Terraria player!

Eternal Sword.pngLatest Versions
Spirit Mod
Polaris Psyche.pngCredits
Active Developers:
* Owner and Creator of the Spirit Mod: Yuyutsu
* Coders: Graydee, Boffin
* Spriter and Creative Lead: Vladimier
* Spriters: JaceDaDorito, Moon Bee, Blato, Vaikyia, 52mos
* Composer: Salvati
Community Members:
Wiki Editors: Uncle Danny, Tartt, Minecat, DarkLight, Krantuckety, and many more
Beta Testers: Cnum, Krantuckety, Tartt, Deryk, Monkeytoes99, Riddler Ren
Code Helpers: DivermanSam, Fabsol, AXsmasher, Tomiky, Eldrazi
Former Developers:
Formed Mod Owner and Lead Coder: Leemyy
Former Coder: tgm1234
Former Spriters: Snugboat, Sal, Svante, Eli10293, J-50N, Durrani19, Re-Misterio, SzGamer227, MenacingMerlin, VoxelFox, varvolgybeni, DaKkharn, Ming, Milt69466, Some Schmo, Zoomo