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The Snow biome features 3 new pre-Hardmode enemies, 2 critters and a few new drops.

When exploring the Snow biome during the night, its own music track Ice Stars will play.


Snow Biome
Characters Unique Drops

During the night:

Screech Owl.png Screech Owl
Winterborn.png Winterborn
Winterborn Herald.png Winterborn Herald


Atlantic Cod (NPC).png Atlantic Cod (NPC)
Frost Minnow (NPC).png Frost Minnow (NPC)

From Winterborns and Winterborn Heralds:

Cryolite Ore.png Cryolite Ore
Winterborn Sculpture.png Winterborn Sculpture

From Winterborns:

Popsicle.png Popsicle

From Winterborn Heralds:

Wintry Charm.png Wintry Charm


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