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For strategies on defeating Scarabeus, see Guide:Scarabeus strategies.
AI TypeScarabeus AI
Damage40 / 50
Max Life1,750 / 2,500
KB Resist100%
Immune toConfused.png
Coins3 Gold Coin.png

Scarabeus is a Pre-Hardmode boss and the first boss of the Spirit Mod. It is intended to be fought after King Slime.

While Scarabeus is alive, its exclusive Music will play.


Scarabeus does not spawn on its own and requires the player to summon it with a Scarab Idol. The Scarab Idol can be crafted or given to the player by the Adventurer in exchange for the Decrepit Idol, which can be found in the Ancient Ziggurat structure in the Desert.


Scarebeus will crawl and jump along the ground, using a fixed series of attacks. Its attack patterns will adapt slightly to match the player's arena setup and position relative to itself. If it is taken outside the Desert, Scarebeus will enrage and gain massively boosted defense until the player returns.

Scarabeus will only do contact damage when performing certain physical attacks, primarily its dashes and slams. It is completely viable to fight with true melee.

Despite only being able to summon it during the day, its fight doesn't change nor does it despawn when the night comes.

Scarebeus will crawl and jump along the ground, using a fixed series of attacks.

  • Attempts to run into the player.
  • Leaps over the player, releasing volleys of gravity-affected sand balls into the air.
  • Curls into a ball and quickly lunges at the player.
  • Flies above the player and attempts to position itself directly over them. After a few seconds, it will dive down and slam into the ground, causing a large number sand blasts (telegraphed by harmless sand geysers) to erupt from the ground. Scarebeus will be stunned for a short while after this attack.
  • Digs into the ground and tunnels back and forth, before lunging at the player. The lunge is telegraphed by a repeated sound cue, and its position will be given away by a harmless sand geyser.

Phase 2[]

Upon reaching 50% HP, Scarebeus summons a (visual) sandstorm in the background as it starts flying. It will start using an enhanced attack pattern:

  • Flies in loops, summoning a stream of Scarabs that cuts across the screen. The stream's trajectory is telegraphed by a golden streak.
  • Lines up horizontally with the player and dashes twice in a row.
  • Repeats its previous diving slam attack three times, albeit without summoning sand blasts on the last two. Scarebeus will be stunned for longer after the third slam.
  • Flies back and forth above the player, raining down volleys of sand balls. In addition, sand geysers will be summoned on either side of the player to limit mobility.
  • Summons two groups of invincible beetles that fly above the player. As Scarebeus tries to fly into the player, the two groups of beetles will dive-bomb the player in order, dying on impact onto the surface.
  • Dashes at the player once.

In Expert Mode[]

  • Movement speed increased.
  • In Phase 2:
    • Summons two crossing streams of Scarabs instead of one.
    • Dashes three times in a row instead of two.
    • Each one of its diving slams creates sand blasts.


  • If the player leaves the Desert Biome, all damage done to the boss is reduced by 67%.


    • Completely Overhauled AI.
    • Resprited.
    • Added new drops.
    • Reworked boss AI.
    • Added new boss track.
    • Fixed some issues with its movement in multiplayer.
  • Introduced.
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