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Icon Name Source Item Tooltip Buff Tooltip
Boop (buff).png Boop Jelly Peace Candle Summons a peaceful jellyfish! The jellyfish is helping you relax
Cultfish (buff).png Cultfish Mystical Cage Summons a cultfish to follow you
Reveals nearby treasure
No existing buff tooltip
Lantern Power Battery (buff).png Lantern Power Battery Ring of Willpower Summons a Lantern Power Battery to light the way It illuminates the way!
Lil' Leonard (buff).png Lil' Leonard Thrall's Gate Leads to a dragon's domain Grr...
Looming Presence (buff).png Looming Presence Demon Tail Summons an eldrich abomination to follow you It seems to attract a lot of attention.
Possessed Blade (buff).png Possessed Blade (pet) Demon Sheath Summons a possessed katana that floats above you
Points towards the nearest enemy
Is this a dagger I see in front of me?
Support Saucer (buff).png Support Saucer Support Beacon Calls in Martian Reinforcements! It seems to only provide moral support...
Unbound Mask (buff).png Unbound Mask Tattered Script Summons an Unbound Mask to follow the player! Once more unto the breach!