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The Ocean features 7 new pre-Hardmode enemies and 4 critters and some new drops.

Every night the Luminous Ocean weather condition has a chance of occurring and when it does the music track Avalanche Skating will play.

When using a Seabreak Pearl in the ocean, The Tide event can start until the following conditions are met.


Characters Unique Drops


Bloatfish.png Bloatfish
Coconut Slime.png Coconut Slime
Electric Eel.png Electric Eel
Reaver Shark (NPC).png Reaver Shark (NPC)
Sawtooth Shark (NPC).png Sawtooth Shark (NPC)
Swordfish (NPC).png Swordfish (NPC)
Sea Mandrake.png Sea Mandrake


Gilded Jelly.png Gilded Jelly
Gulper.png Gulper
Luminous Floater.png Luminous Floater
Packing Crate.png Packing Crate

From Bloatfish:

Sushi.png Sushi
Ancient Diver's Helmet.png Ancient Diver's Helmet
Ancient Diver's Plate.png Ancient Diver's Plate
Ancient Diver's Pants.png Ancient Diver's Pants

From Coconut Slime:

Hard Coconut.png Hard Coconut

From Electric Eel:

Eel Tail.png Eel Tail
Golden Caviar.png Golden Caviar

From Reaver Shark:

Reaver Shark.png Reaver Shark

From Sawtooth Shark:

Sawtooth Shark.png Sawtooth Shark

From Swordfish:

Swordfish.png Swordfish



  • The Ocean will be getting a complete overhaul in world generation, new wave system and much more in the next update.
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