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Mystery Candy
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Use time19 Very Fast
TooltipEither a great treat... or a nasty treat
4 minute duration
RarityRarity Level: 2
SellNo Value

The Mystery Candy is a consumable item that is given when interacting any Town NPCs during the Halloween Event. Upon consumption, it will grant a random group of buffs or debuffs.



Theme Buffs Message
Building Calm.png Calm & Builder.png Builder The conditions are perfect for a bit of building.
Caving Mining (buff).png Mining (buff) & Shine.png Shine It's a great time to go exploring.
Damage Rage.png Rage & Wrath.png Wrath New strength surges through your body.
Defense Endurance.png Endurance & Ironskin.png Ironskin Has a bit of a metallic taste, but your skin is now tough as titanium.
Fishing Fishing (buff).png Fishing (buff) & Crate (buff).png Crate (buff) & Sonar.png Sonar You feel like you're gonna make a big catch.
Gravity Gravitation.png Gravitation The ground drops beneath your feet.
Life Lifeforce.png Lifeforce & Regeneration.png Regeneration & Rapid Healing.png Rapid Healing Sweet and filling. You feel restored.
Magic Clairvoyance.png Clairvoyance & Magic Power.png Magic Power & Mana Regeneration.png Mana Regeneration Magic is sparking from your fingertips. Maybe the candy was enchanted after all.
Movement Speed Panic!.png Panic! & Swiftness.png Swiftness The sugar rush hits hard.
Miscellaneous Honey (buff).png Honey (buff) & Well Fed.png Well Fed That was delicious.
Misc Movement Featherfall.png Featherfall & Water Walking.png Water Walking Mmm, the fluffiest of nougats. You feel light as a feather.
Omniscience Spelunker.png Spelunker & Hunter.png Hunter & Dangersense.png Dangersense You can see all.
Ranged Ammo Reservation.png Ammo Reservation & Archery.png Archery Your hands are perfectly steady now.
Summoning Summoning (buff).png Summoning (buff) & Bewitched.png Bewitched Your wish is their command.


Theme Debuffs Message
Defense Broken Armor.png Broken Armor & Ichor (debuff).png Ichor (debuff) & Withered Armor.png Withered Armor Your armor is crumpling at the slightest touch.
Freeze Electrified.png Electrified & Webbed.png Webbed Your limbs ache with the slightest movement.
Freeze Frozen.png Frozen & Frostburn.png Frostburn & Chilled.png Chilled You are frozen in place. Maybe mint was a bad idea...
Freeze Stoned.png Stoned & Suffocation.png Suffocation & Oozed.png Oozed You are encased in stone.
Instant Damage Bleeding.png Bleeding Ouch, there was a razorblade in there!
Magic Mana Sickness.png Mana Sickness & Silenced.png Silenced Every last spark of magic left your body. Maybe the candy was enchanted after all.
Miscellaneous Darkness.png Darkness & Confused.png Confused & Tipsy.png Tipsy & Titan.png Titan You've been drugged.
Miscellaneous Bleeding.png Bleeding & Potion Sickness.png Potion Sickness You feel sick.
Movement Speed Slow.png Slow & Dazed.png Dazed Your legs can barely hold you.
Vision Blackout.png Blackout & Obstructed.png Obstructed & Cursed.png Cursed You can barely think straight.
Weakness Weak.png Weak & Withered Weapon.png Withered Weapon You can't feel your arms.


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