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The Spirit Mod adds many new music tracks to the game for its Bosses, Biomes, Events and even a few of vanilla Terrarias Biomes. So far there are 33 different tracks currently in-game. 32 of tracks in the current Spirit Mod OST were made by Salvati, with 1 track remaining from the original Spirit Mod OST composer made by LordCakeSpy.

Current Soundtrack[]

Title Condition Version Listen Description
Music Box (Asteroid Field).png Above Islands Asteroid Field A chip little tune, this song uses lush synth pads and a bitcrushed guitar to create the atmosphere of an unlanded Meteor, contrasting how big the Space music track feels.
Music Box (Aurora).png Aurora Borealis Aurora Borealis Ripped from the Various Weathers soundtrack. This song plays when the sky lights up in a beautiful blue Aurora Borealis.
Music Box (Luminous Ocean).png Avalanche Skating Algae Bloom It was originally created to replace the Ice biome music, but had slowly morphed into a more ocean sounding piece.
Music Box (The Briar- Nighttime).png Briar Night Briar night It is a remix version of the original track. The theme supposes to reflect the biome's eerie atmosphere during the nighttime while capturing the sense of the dreaded tone from the original version.
Music Box (Calm Nights).png Calm Nights Tranquil Winds It was originally used as the track for the Spirit Biome during the night before being removed.
Music Box (Scarabeus).png Crawling Complications Scarabeus The high hats are made out to sound like little bug legs, crawling across your screen in a speedy fashion.
Music Box (The Tide).png Drowning Tides The Tide With a heavier approach to sound, intense synthesizers and guitar sounds, this track is sure to rock the boat quite a bit.
Dusking (Map icon).png Dusking's Theme Dusking It was composed by LordCakeSpy. This track will be getting reworked at some point.
Music Box (Spirit Biome- Overworld).png Enervating Atmosphere Spirit Biome It's made to sound like a lonely wind, yet something calls to you from deep underneath.
Music Box (Spirit Biome- Underground).png Fearful Atmosphere Spirit Underground (first layer) It is a remix of the mining theme, mixed with a bit of the track Ghastly Atmosphere. Its haunting chords and key changes are sure to keep the soothing tension at a max.
Music Box (Infernon).png Fiery Care Infernon
Music Box (The Briar- Daytime).png Floral Fiends Briar day The melody and ongoing bass synth are a subtle nod to the original track composed by LordCakeSpy.
Music Box (Spirit Biome- Deep Underground).png Ghastly Atmosphere Spirit Underground (second layer) It's the non-remixed version of the track Fearful Atmosphere. Empty and hollow, yet deep. A darker take on the dangers of the underground.
Music Box (Spirit Biome- Depths).png Hellish Atmosphere Spirit Underground (third layer) The song is made to feel empty, cold, broken, and sad. You were never supposed to come down here. The song features elements from the first 3 Spirit songs from the layers above, as well as some new elements. Glitches and Stutters hold this song back from playing out its beautiful melody.
Music Box (Snow Biome- Nighttime).png Icy Stars Snow biome night It uses little bits of melodies and samples from the snowy day theme. The main melody can be heard and identified in the rest of the biomes music.
Music Box (Ancient Avian).png Jettisoned Giant Ancient Avian With a true Orchestral-Synth blend, and the emulated sound of giant wings flapping. This song leans back and forth, as the Ancient Avian swipes across your screen.
Music Box (Desert- Night).png Kempt Dunes Desert night It's made to capture the feeling of stargazing from the endless hills of sand. You can hear tiny bits of Crawling Complications spread out through the song if you listen close enough.
Music Box (Starplate Voyager).png Lost Voyager Starplate Voyager This song features confusing keychanges, a fast steady beat, and takes bits of inspiration from Boss 2 and Empress Of Light.
Music Box (Vinewrath Bane).png Monarch Husk Vinewrath Bane It features heavy guitars and harkens back to a more intense version of the Plantera theme, as you're more vulnerable Pre-Hardmode.
Music Box (Moon Jelly Wizard).png Mystical Mischief Moon Jelly Wizard The song is made to sound silly and wobbly like a jelly of sorts. But it takes a slight turn in the second half, with a retro arp approach.
Music Box (Corruption- Night).png Nightmare Fuel Corruption night
Music Box (Mystic Moon).png Nighttime Groove Mystic Moon A track with funky riffs, haunting organs, and a whole lot of groove to go around.
Music Box (Marble Caverns).png Regal Tunnel Marble Cave This theme is supposed to reflect the inspiration from Greek Mythology in the biome. Brass and orchestral taikos keep this song moving, and a slow emotional breakdown at the end.
Music Box (Granite Caverns).png Resounding Stones Granite Cave This theme was made to sound like sneaking around a mystical cave. Which is sorta what the Granite Biome is, with the fighting rocks and the Granite Elementals. It also features a bit of a Generic Trap beat breakdown, an Undertale reference, and a soft and reassuring synth playing strange chords to solidify the feeling that this place is magical somehow.
Music Box (Blizzard).png Shivering Storms Blizzard It features a slow percussion, and a piano bell sound with decimate distortion to make it sound a bit cold. The song has several breakdowns, all of which play off the previous segment. And the end is made to sound a bit Christmas like, with faint sleigh bells and a reassuring piano melody.
n/a Spaced Out Hyperspace day
Music Box (Jelly Deluge).png Sticky Situation Jelly Deluge It was originally used as the track for the Meteor Shower event in Various Weathers.
Music Box (Techno Vibes).png Techno Vibes Hyperspace night
Music Box (Frost Legion).png Tougher Chill Frost Legion
Music Box (Tranquil Winds).png Tranquil Winds n/a It was originally used as the track for the Tranquil Winds event in Various Weathers.
Music Box (Atlas).png Tremors Underneath Atlas Its got lots of low rumbling, and tribal drums. It is one of the only Spirit tracks to loop differently the second time.
Music Box (Hallow- Night).png Wonderous Landscape Hallow night Its made to be just as magical as the daytime theme, with a more chilled and lofi approach.
Music Box (Spider Caves).png Xyresic Horrors Spider Cave Echoes of spiders feasting on their victims echo throughout this track, and little voices queue up left and right. A slightly changed version of this track is featured in The Living World Mod.
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