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Icon Name Source Item Tooltip Buff Tooltip
Manta Ray (buff).png Manta Ray Manta Harpoon Summons a rideable manta ray mount

The manta Ray is incapable of movement on land

Swift as the tides !
Crocodrillo Mount.png Crocosaur Bag O' Bait Summons a friendly Crocodrillo mount This cute lil' Crocodillo is your new best friend!
Diabolic Platform (buff).png Diabolic Platform Diabolic Horn Provides a fiery platform to fly on Command the Infernal
Drakomire Mount (buff).png Drakomire Mount Solar Rattle Summons a Drakomire into battle
When riding the Drakomire, defense is increased by 40
A fiery trail is left behind and knockback is ignored
The Drakomire also builds up stamina, allowing for a dash every 10 seconds.
Run with the fury of Hell!