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Icon Name Source Item Tooltip Buff Tooltip
Crawlerock Minion (buff).png Baby Cavern Crawler Crawlerock Staff Summons bouncing mini crawlers to fight for you! A baby Cavern Crawler fights for you!
Briar Spirit (buff).png Briar Spirit Thornwild Staff Summons a Briar Elemental to fight for you A Briar Spirit fights for you!
Dungeon Soul (buff).png Dungeon Soul Dungeon Soul Staff Summons a friendly Dungeon Spirit to latch on to your foes A particularly fiesty soul
Ethereal Butterfly (buff).png Ethereal Butterfly Ethereal Butterfly Staff Summons an Ethereal Butterfly to fight for the player A glowing butterfly fights for you!
Flying Snake (buff).png Flying Snake Lihzahrd Wand Summons a friendly Flying Snake to shoot venom at foes Quite venomous...
Hungry Minion (buff).png Hungry Minion Famine Scepter Summons a hungry to fight for you... on you... I bet you haven't asked yourself how fleshy chains feel
Mango Jelly (buff).png Mango Jelly Mango Jelly Staff Summons a mini mango jelly A mini mango jelly fights for you!
Mini Meteor (buff).png Mini Meteor Orbiter Staff Summons a mini meteor to charge at foes A mini meteor fights for you!
Overgrowth Spirit (buff).png Overgrowth Spirit Overgrowth Staff Summons an overgrowth spirit to protect you The Overgrowth Minion will protect you!
Pigron Minion (buff).png Pigron Minion Pigron Staff Bacon now fights for you Bacon!
Quackling (buff).png Quackling Minion Quackling Staff Summons a friendly duck to launch aqua bolts at enemies. Born with a bandana!
Slagtern (buff).png Slagtern Slagtern Staff Summons a hovering slag lantern that lobs lava at nearby foes The power of mamga flows through this lantern!
Terror Fiend (buff).png Terror Fiend Terror Bark Summons a Terror Fiend to charge at enemies
Terror Fiends summons homing Wither Bolts
Wither bolts may inflict 'Wither' and steal life
Additionally summons recieve a significant buff to their damage and knockback, signified by a Nightmare Eye that appears above the player
Direct hits on enemies with the Terror Fiend may cause to erupt into Nightmare Explosions
It's taken a liking to you