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"Strange jellyfish are pouring out of the sky!"

The Jelly Deluge is a pre-Hardmode event in Space that has a random chance of occurring each night, after the Eye of Cthulhu has been defeated, but can also be summoned with a Distress Jelly.


Jelly Deluge
Characters Unique Drops
Moonlight Preserver.png Moonlight Preserver
Moonlight Rupturer.png Moonlight Rupturer
Tethervolt Jelly.png Tethervolt Jelly


Tiny Lunazoa.png Tiny Lunazoa
Dreamlight Jelly.png Dreamlight Jelly

From all Jelly Deluge enemies:

Moon Jelly.png Moon Jelly

From all Jelly Deluge enemies and critters:

Gel.png Gel

From Moonlight Preservers:

Copper Bar.png Copper Bar
Iron Bar.png Iron Bar
Silver Bar.png Silver Bar
Gold Bar.png Gold Bar
Tin Bar.png Tin Bar
Lead Bar.png Lead Bar
Tungsten Bar.png Tungsten Bar
Platinum Bar.png Platinum Bar
Space Junk.png Space Junk
Arcbolter.png Arcbolter

From Moonlight Rupturers:

Nautilobber.png Nautilobber

From Tethervolt Jellies:

Moonlight Sack.png Moonlight Sack


  • Due to the event only taking place in Space, the event can be ignored.


  • Moon jellies are a real species of jellyfish, but don't resemble the enemies found in the event.


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