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Ice Sculptures
  • Ice Bat Sculpture (placed).png Frozen Flinx Sculpture (placed).png Winterborn Sculpture (placed).png
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Ice Sculptures are craftable furniture items that are crafted from 20 Creeping Ice and 2 Cryolite Bars.


All Ice Sculptures below are crafted at an Iron or Lead Anvil.

Sculpture Name Placed Size
Sell Enemy Recipe
Ice Bat Sculpture.png Ice Bat Sculpture Ice Bat Sculpture (placed).png 3×4 15 Silver Coin.png Ice Bat.png Creeping Ice.png (20) + Cryolite Bar.png (2)
Frozen Flinx Sculpture.png Frozen Flinx Sculpture Frozen Flinx Sculpture (placed).png 2×3 15 Silver Coin.png Snow Flinx.png Creeping Ice.png (20) + Cryolite Bar.png (2)
Undead Viking Sculpture.png Undead Viking Sculpture Undead Viking Sculpture (placed).png 2×5 15 Silver Coin.png Undead Viking.png Creeping Ice.png (20) + Cryolite Bar.png (2)
Frozen Wheezer Sculpture.png Frozen Wheezer Sculpture Frozen Wheezer Sculpture (placed).png 3x4 15 Silver Coin.png Wheezer.png Creeping Ice.png (20) + Cryolite Bar.png (2)
Winterborn Sculpture.png Winterborn Sculpture Winterborn Sculpture (placed).png 2×5 15 Silver Coin.png Winterborn.png Creeping Ice.png (20) + Cryolite Bar.png (2)


Cryolite Bar
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