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Vinewrath Bane is a pre-hardmode, Post-Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu boss that can be summoned with the Bramble Tooth in the Reach biome during the day. It does not need to be killed to progress the game, but it has some useful drops.

Terrain Preparation[]

Note that when you summon it in the Reach, you do not need to stay in the biome to fight it. You can get out of the Reach and fight it in anywhere in the world if you'd prefer. Remember, Vinewrath Bane will not despawn unless you are too far away for too long or you die.

Like most Spirit Mod bosses, building a small arena is not a good idea. Throughout the whole battle Vinewrath Bane is following you, therefore staying in one area is a bad idea.

Gearing Up[]


  • When it comes to HP, 300 Health is recommended, but lower amounts can be offset by better armor.
  • A full set of at least Chitin armor should be acquired, but better armor is definitely needed if you are not confident with your abilities. Other armor sets, required they are not a lower tier, are definitely a better option.
  • Excellent choices of armor include Crimson armor/Shadow armor, Hunter's armor, Clatterbone armor, Floran armor or Coil armor.
  • Players looking to challenge themself may choose to use the Bismite armor, although great cautious must be taken if one decides to do so.





Melee users should use the Clatterbone armor or Shadow armor/Crimson armor.

  • Melee weapons that do not fire a projectile are practically useless for hurting the boss but can be effective when killing its solar flowers.
  • Melee weapons that do fire projectiles are a great choice for this battle, specifically the Enchanted Sword, Scarab Blade and Harpy Blade.
  • For boomerangs, a Thorn Chakram, Florarang or Flamarang are a rather good choice for a melee character.
  • Flails can be helpful, but only if you are a tanky player who can resist hits and move swiftly.


Ranged users should use the Hunter's armor or Crimson armor.

  • If you are using bows, you should use a Demon Bow or a Tendon Bow. The Bloodshot is an extremely effective weapon for this fight when paired with Jester's Arrows/Unholy Arrows. The Clatter Bow is also acceptable but players should invest on other bows. Bring along arrows that can pierce, such as Jester's Arrows or Unholy Arrows. About half a stack is enough.
  • If you are using guns, A Coil Pistol or Coil Blaster are a great choice, but if you want raw damage or speed, a Boomstick can be used for the former or a Minishark can be used for the latter. The Gator Pistol is acceptable, but players should use weapons like the Musket or The Undertaker. The best ammunition is Meteor Shot, as it can pierce through the boss, hitting it multiple times. Silver Bullets are an acceptable compromise, though. Half a stack is enough but Minishark users will want a full stack.


Magic users should use the Jungle armor or Floran armor. The Bloodfire armor is also a good choice.

  • At this point, your Mana should be at the maximum, or at least close to it. You can increase your Mana up to 280 with Jungle armor or Floran armor.
  • The Crimson Rod is a good secondary weapon as you can fire it once then switch to another weapon.
  • The Meteor armor/Space Gun combo is always an excellent choice.
  • The Water Bolt is a fantastic weapon if you have set up walls.
  • Solus Tier I is a good magic weapon for this battle.
  • ShadowBall is a good weapon but it sometimes lacks a bit of damage.
  • The Vilethorn is a decent choice if you are going to stay near the boss.


Summoners should use the Chitin armor or Bee armor if they have defeated the Queen Bee previously.

  • The summoner at this point is an acceptable class to use. The Ornate Staff is a decent choice if you are able to have at least 3 minions, but the Imp Staff or Hornet Staff would be preferable. However, the Hornet Staff is only available if the player decides to defeat the Queen Bee first.


Throwers should use the Coil armor or Fossil armor.

  • Grenades deal high amounts of damage, but you should be mindful of taking damage yourself. Combining this with gel will make Sticky Grenade which will be helpful for defeating the boss.
  • Clatter Spears are acceptable, but the Coil Knife is definitely a better option.
  • Molotov Cocktails may be able to deal sufficient damage against the boss.
  • Putrid Splitters deal decent damage against the boss, especially the additional eaters.
  • A bunch of Coil Knifes or Blood Daggers are good weapons for this boss.
  • Bone Javelins stick to the boss and deal 3 damage every second. The more you throw into it, the higher the sticking damage becomes.
  • Meteors are very good due to their ignorance to gravity.
  • Bone Throwing Knives are useful and will pierce through the boss and may hit the Solar Flowers.

The Battle[]

Phase 1[]

Vinewrath Bane will simply begin by floating towards the player, firing spiky leaves and green spikey balls. Simply keeping your distance and dodging the leaves as they are fired is enough to survive through this part of the battle. However, at 50% life the boss will begin summoning Solar Flowers in groups of 3-4. These fire low damaging solar beams, but do not do much damage. However, they are near impossible to avoid. At 25% life the boss is at its final stand of phase one and will begin rapidly firing red needles. The Bane will also start turning red. You need to stay away from this boss at this point and quickly drain its life until it reaches phase two.

Phase 2[]

When the Bane has died, in the chat it will say "You cannot stop the wrath of nature!" and it is reborn as the Vinewrath Husk. The Husk will move much faster now, along with stopping firing all projectiles, except for the spiky green ball, and commonly fires spreads of a new bone-like projectile. At 40% health, it says another message in the chat, "The Bramble shall consume you...". It chases after the player even faster, and stops firing all previous projectiles, and fires spreads of spores that remain stationary once fired a short distance. At this point you must deal as much damage as you can as fast as you can to prevent a clutch lose. Alongside the spores, homing green balls of light chase the player at a speed slightly slower than that of the Husk. This is also to prevent the player from easily turning around, and assumably, grabbing the Husk's loot.

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