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A Goblin Tower

The Goblin Tower is a structure that can be found in the Surface. It is located after the Briar, it is mostly made up of Dynasty furniture. There are Goblin Banners, the Bound Gambler and a chest in the center. At the bottom of the tower, there is a strange monument, breaking the monument will spawn 2 Goblin Sorcerers. Destroying the Goblin Banners will drop Tattered Cloth.


  • The Goblin Tower will not generate in 64 bit TModLoader worlds due to a bug, if this happens, the Gambler will move in automatically, as the Bound Gambler cannot be found in the world, so the game automatically assumes you rescued her. The Shadowbreak Wand Quest will also be skipped due to this, as the wand cannot be obtained if the tower doesn’t generate.
  • One of the main reasons to visit the Goblin Tower is completing the Adventurer's quest for the Shadowbreak Wand.


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