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Glyphs are special consumable items that can be applied to other items, like tools or weapons, granting them special effects. The effects granted vary depending on the glyph applied, and may not only affect the item itself but also the player holding the item. Glyphs, other than the Null Glyph, can only be bought from the Enchanter using Blank Glyphs, which rarely drop from any enemy, and always drop when a Boss is killed for the first time.


While holding the tool you want to apply, right click on the enchanted Glyph and it will enchant the item.


Glyph Applied to Effect Name Effect Description Obtainable Cost
Null Glyph.png Null Glyph Any item N/A Can be used to wipe a glyph off an item. Any time 5 Gold Coin
Frost Glyph.png Frost Glyph Melee Weapons Stinging Cold +5% Movement Speed. Critical strikes conjure Ice Spikes that orbit you. Every Spike beyond the fifth will be shot towards the cursor. Any time 1 Blank Glyph
Efficiency Glyph.png Efficiency Glyph Tools Efficiency Speed +30% and Range +2. Any time 1 Blank Glyph
Radiant Glyph.png Radiant Glyph Melee Weapons Radiance +4% crit chance. Not attacking builds stacks of Divine Strike. The next hit is empowered by 11% per stack. After Eye of Cthulhu has been defeated 1 Blank Glyph
Sanguine Glyph.png Sanguine Glyph Melee Weapons Sanguine Strike +2 life regeneration per second. Attacks inflict Crimson Bleed. Attacking bleeding enemies leeches some life. After Eye of Cthulhu has been defeated 3 Blank Glyph
Storm Glyph.png Storm Glyph Weapons Slicing Storms +3 defense. Every third attack will cause Slicing Gust. This Gust will knock enemies in the air and inflict Wind Burst. Enemies afflicted with Wind Burst receive amplified knockback. After Vinewrath Bane has been defeated 2 Blank Glyph
Unholy Glyph.png Unholy Glyph Weapons Pestilence +6 Armor Penetration. Critical strikes can inflict Wandering Plague. Afflicted will slowly lose life and release toxic clouds. After Eater of Worlds / Brain of Cthulhu has been defeated 2 Blank Glyph
Bee Glyph.png Bee Glyph Weapons Honeyed Drenches the user in honey. Attacks will release bees. After Queen Bee has been defeated 3 Blank Glyph
Veil Glyph.png Veil Glyph Weapons Shielding Veil +5% attack speed. After 8 seconds of not taking damage you gain Phantom Veil. This Veil will increase life regen and block the next attack. After Skeletron has been defeated 3 Blank Glyph
Blaze Glyph.png Blaze Glyph Weapons Flare Frenzy +100% velocity and +3% damage. Attacking enemies may grant Burning Rage. Burning Rage increases attack speed and damage but sets you ablaze. After Wall of Flesh has been defeated 3 Blank Glyph
Void Glyph.png Void Glyph Weapons Shadow Maelstrom +8% damage reduction. Nearby enemies will be consumed by Devouring Void. This effect will grow in intensity over time. After any Mechanical Boss has been defeated 4 Blank Glyph
Phase Glyph.png Phase Glyph Weapons Phase Flux +7% Crit chance. Weapon damage increases, the faster you move. Every 12 seconds you gain a stack of Temporal Shift. These stacks allow you to dash and gain a short burst of speed. After Dusking has been defeated 4 Blank Glyph


  • For an item to count as a weapon, it needs to have a max stack of 1 and either deal damage or use ammo other than any Solution.
  • For an item to count as a tool, it needs to have any amount of pickaxe, axe or hammer power.
  • Items that had a glyph applied to them will show a small icon depicting the glyph type.


  • Sprites updated.
  • Overhauled how glyphs work:
    • Boosts to item stats given by glyphs are now displayed just like the boosts from reforges.
    • Items which had glyphs applied to them will now show a small icon depicting the glyph type, both when in the inventory, and when laying in the world.
    • Reworked most existing glyphs effects.
  • 1.3.1: Introduced.
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