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The additions to Fishing are to provide a powerful potion for the player to use and a crate containing powerful contents.


Material Fish[]

Type Value Rarity Source Notes Tooltip
Spirit Koi.png Spirit Koi 20 Copper Coin Rarity Level: 4 Spirit Biome Used in Spirit Potions 'Is it past its expiry date?'
Noxophyll.png Noxophyll 2 Silver Coin Rarity Level: 1 Briar Used in Toxin Potions 'It reeks of poison'


Type Value Rarity Biome
Spirit Crate.png Spirit Crate No value Rarity Level: 5 Spirit Biome and Spirit Underground
Thorny Crate.png Thorny Crate No value Rarity Level: 2 Briar
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