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Festering Wounds
Festering Wounds.png
Type Debuff
Effects Drains health by 3 points per second when above half health.

Drains health by 5 points per second when below half health.

Tooltip Deals more damage if the player is under half health

Festering Wounds is a debuff that drains a target's health by 3 points per second. When the target is below half health, it starts draining health by 5 points per second.


From weapon[]

From Duration Chance
Bismite Crystal Staff.pngBismite Crystal Staff 9 seconds 20% chance
Bismite Pike.pngBismite Pike 3 seconds
Bismite Cutter.pngBismite Cutter
Bismite Bow.pngBismite Bow
Bismite Staff.pngBismite Staff

From NPCs[]

From Duration Chance
Diseased Slime.png Diseased Slime 8 seconds ?
Diseased Bat.png Diseased Bat 6 seconds ?


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