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Enemy Banners
  • Beholder Banner (placed).png Gladiator Spirit Banner (placed).png Spore Wheezer Banner (placed).png Yuurei Banner (placed).png
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
PlaceableTango Tick1.png
Dimensions1 wide × 3 high
Use time10 Very Fast
Inflicts BuffBanner (buff).pngBanner
Buff tooltipIncreased damage and defense from the following: [enemy name(s)]
RarityRarity Level: 1
Sell10 Silver Coin

Enemy Banners are functional furniture items that can be placed on the underside of blocks. They are dropped by enemies.

When placed, enemy Banners provide a buff to players within a 50-tile radius. The buff grants players +50%/+100% damage inflicted with all weapons to the corresponding enemy and -25%/-50% damage taken from melee attacks against the enemy.

Multiple Banners of the same type will not grant stacked buffs. Multiple different banner types in the vicinity will however all take effect, and consolidate into a single buff icon.

  • An enemy Banner automatically appears in the player's inventory on every 50th kill of that enemy in a particular world. If the player's inventory is full, the banner will be dropped by the player instead.


Ancient Apostle Banner placed Ancient Apostle Banner.pngAncient Apostle Banner Antlion Assassin Banner placed Antlion Assassin Banner.pngAntlion Assassin Banner Arterial Grasper Banner placed Arterial Grasper Banner.pngArterial Grasper Banner Astral Amalgam Banner placed Astral Amalgam Banner.pngAstral Amalgam Banner Beholder Banner placed Beholder Banner.pngBeholder Banner
Blazing Rattler Banner placed Blazing Rattler Banner.pngBlazing Rattler Banner Bloater Banner placed Bloater Banner.pngBloater Banner Bloatfish Banner placed Bloatfish Banner.pngBloatfish Banner Blossom Hound Banner placed Blossom Hound Banner.pngBlossom Hound Banner Blue Dungeon Cube Banner placed Blue Dungeon Cube Banner.pngBlue Dungeon Cube Banner
Bottom Feeder Banner placed Bottom Feeder Banner.pngBottom Feeder Banner Briarthorn Slime Banner placed Briarthorn Slime Banner.pngBriarthorn Slime Banner Bubble Brute Banner placed Bubble Brute Banner.pngBubble Brute Banner Captive Mask Banner placed Captive Mask Banner.pngCaptive Mask Banner Cavern Crawler Banner placed Cavern Crawler Banner.pngCavern Crawler Banner
Coconut Slime Banner placed Coconut Slime Banner.pngCoconut Slime Banner Crackling Core Banner placed Crackling Core Banner.pngCrackling Core Banner Crocosaur Banner placed Crocosaur Banner.pngCrocosaur Banner Crystal Drifter Banner placed Crystal Drifter Banner.pngCrystal Drifter Banner Dark Alchemist Banner placed Dark Alchemist Banner.pngDark Alchemist Banner
Deadeye Marksman Banner placed Deadeye Marksman Banner.pngDeadeye Marksman Banner Diseased Bat Banner placed Diseased Bat Banner.pngDiseased Bat Banner Diseased Slime Banner placed Diseased Slime Banner.pngDiseased Slime Banner Droseran Trapper Banner placed Droseran Trapper Banner.pngDroseran Trapper Banner Electric Eel Banner placed Electric Eel Banner.pngElectric Eel Banner
Festerfly Banner placed Festerfly Banner.pngFesterfly Banner Flesh Hound Banner placed Flesh Hound Banner.pngFlesh Hound Banner Ghast Banner placed Ghast Banner.pngGhast Banner Glade Wraith Banner placed Glade Wraith Banner.pngGlade Wraith Banner Gladiator Spirit Banner placed Gladiator Spirit Banner.pngGladiator Spirit Banner
Gloop Banner placed Gloop Banner.pngGloop Banner Gluttonous Devourer Banner placed Gluttonous Devourer Banner.pngGluttonous Devourer Banner Gold Crate Mimic Banner placed Gold Crate Mimic Banner.pngGold Crate Mimic Banner Granite Slime Banner placed Granite Slime Banner.pngGranite Slime Banner Green Dungeon Cube Banner placed Green Dungeon Cube Banner.pngGreen Dungeon Cube Banner
Iron Crate Mimic Banner placed Iron Crate Mimic Banner.pngIron Crate Mimic Banner Kakamora Banner placed Kakamora Banner.pngKakamora Banner Kakamora Brute Banner placed Kakamora Brute Banner.pngKakamora Brute Banner Kakamora Glider Banner placed Kakamora Glider Banner.pngKakamora Glider Banner Kakamora Shielder Banner placed Kakamora Shielder Banner.pngKakamora Shielder Banner
Kakamora Lobber Banner placed Kakamora Lobber Banner.pngKakamora Lobber Banner Kakamora Shaman Banner placed Kakamora Shaman Banner.pngKakamora Shaman Banner Kakamora Shielder Banner placed Kakamora Shielder Banner.pngKakamora Shielder Banner Lost Mime Banner placed Lost Mime Banner.pngLost Mime Banner Masticator Banner placed Masticator Banner.pngMasticator Banner
Mang O' War Banner placed Mang O' War Banner.pngMang O' War Banner Mechromancer Banner placed Mechromancer Banner.pngMechromancer Banner Occultist Banner placed Occultist Banner.pngOccultist Banner Orbitite Banner placed Orbitite Banner.pngOrbitite Banner Phantom Samurai Banner placed Phantom Samurai Banner.pngPhantom Samurai Banner
Pink Dungeon Cube Banner placed Pink Dungeon Cube Banner.pngPink Dungeon Cube Banner Putroma Banner placed Putroma Banner.pngPutroma Banner R'lyehian Banner placed R'lyehian Banner.pngR'lyehian Banner Spectral Skull Banner placed Spectral Skull Banner.pngSpectral Skull Banner Spore Wheezer Banner placed Spore Wheezer Banner.pngSpore Wheezer Banner
Stardancer Banner placed Stardancer Banner.pngStardancer Banner Thorn Stalker Banner placed Thorn Stalker Banner.pngThorn Stalker Banner Valkyrie Banner placed Valkyrie Banner.pngValkyrie Banner Wheezer Banner placed Wheezer Banner.pngWheezer Banner Winterborn Banner placed Winterborn Banner.pngWinterborn Banner
Winterborn Herald Banner placed Winterborn Herald Banner.pngWinterborn Herald Banner Wooden Crate Mimic Banner placed Wooden Crate Mimic Banner.pngWooden Crate Mimic Banner Yuurei Banner placed Yuurei Banner.pngYuurei Banner


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