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Acid Crawler.png Acid Crawler Alien.png Alien Angry Gremlin.png Angry Gremlin Antlion Assassin.png Antlion Assassin
50px Lihzahrd Automaton Beholder.png Beholder Blizzard Nimbus.png Blizzard Nimbus 35px Bloody Slime
50px Bone Harpy 50px Bubonic Scourge 25px Captive Mask Cavern Crawler.png Cavern Crawler
30px Crimtane Elemental 45px Chompasaur 35px Chomper 35px Cog Spider
35px Cogworker 35px Core Bat 35px Crimslimer 35px Crimson Brutalist
35px Vein Tunnler 35px Cryolite Elemental 35px Virulent Spore 35px Corrupt Walker
Deadeye Marksman.png Deadeye Marksman 35px Demonite Elemental Diseased Bat.png Diseased Bat Diseased Slime.png Diseased Slime
Electric Eel.png Electric Eel Fallen Angel.png Fallen Angel 35px Fel Demon 35px Fiery Spore
35px Fiery Trident Flesh Hound.png Flesh Hound 35px Floran Elemental 35px Forgotten One
35px Frost Spore 35px Geode Elemental Gladiator Spirit.png Gladiator Spirit Crackling Core.png Crackling Core
Granite Mimic.png Granite Mimic Granite Slime.png Granite Slime Droseran Trapper.png Droseran Trapper Gremlin.png Gremlin
35px Grove Caster Gluttonous Devourer.png Gluttonous Devourer 35px Purulent Spore 35px Jeweled Bat
35px Jeweled Slime 35px Lihzahrd Priest 35px Living Lihzahrd Statue 35px Living Snowball
Lost Mime.png Lost Mime Marble Mimic.png Marble Mimic 35px Marble Slime 35px Martian Scout
Mechromancer.png Mechromancer 35px Mineroid 35px Mycoid 35px Necro Walker
35px Walking Nightmare Observer.png Observer Coconut Slime.png Coconut Slime 35px Man O' War
35px Illuminant Slimer 35px Reachman 35px Reach Observer 35px Reach Shaman
Bramble Burrower.png Bramble Burrower 35px Shadow Mimic 35px Shadow Pup Sharkron.png Sharkron
Shooting Star.png Shooting Star 35px Gargantuan Snail 35px Snapper Ancient Specter.png Ancient Specter
Crystal Drifter.png Crystal Drifter 35px Frost Soul 35px Ghastly Being Ancient Tome.png Ancient Tome
Hedron.png Hedron 35px Ice Core Netherbane.png Netherbane Spirit Bat.png Spirit Bat
Soul Crusher.png Soul Crusher Soul Orb.png Soul Orb 35px Shadow Goul 35px Spirit Mimic
Shadow Mummy.png Shadow Mummy Spirit Skull.png Spirit Skull Spirit Floater.png Spirit Floater Unstable Wisp.png Unstable Wisp
Wandering Soul.png Wandering Soul Spitfly.png Spitfly 35px Shadow Slugger 35px Sun Elemental
35px Terrovore 35px Thermal Elemental Valkyrie.png Valkyrie 35px Viruling
35px Viruslime Wheezer.png Wheezer 35px Wicked Ent Winterborn.png Winterborn
35px Worker Wrath.png Wrath 35px Clamper 35px Depth Trencher
35px Greenfin Trapper 35px Cnidarian Kakamora 35px Kakamoran Rider 35px Kakamoran Windglider
35px Kakamoran Tamer 35px Mind Flayer 35px Murky Terror 35px Shell Bane
35px Tide Caller


Blood Gazer.png Blood Gazer Snow Monger.png Snow Monger 35px Flesh Golem R'lyheian.png R'lyheian
35px Lavavent Elemental


60px Ancient Flier Atlas.png Atlas Dusking.png Dusking 60px Illuminant Master
Infernon.png Infernon 60px Overseer Vinewrath Bane.png Vinewrath Bane Scarabeus.png Scarabeus
60px Ethereal Umbra Starplate Raider.png Starplate Raider