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The Desert features 3 new pre-Hardmode enemies and 1 pre-Hardmode boss that is fought right after King Slime.

When exploring the Desert biome during the night, its own music track Kempt Dunes will play.


Characters Unique Drops
Antlion Assassin.png Antlion Assassin
Antlion Rider.png Antlion Rider
Pokey.png Pokey


Scarabeus.png Scarabeus

From Antlion Assassin:

Hummus.png Hummus

From Antlion Assassin and Antlion Rider:

Sandstorm in a Bottle.png Sandstorm in a Bottle

From Pokey:

Cactus.png Cactus
Pink Prickly Pear.png Pink Prickly Pear

From Scarabeus:

Chitin.png Chitin
Adorned Bow.png Adorned Bow
Locust Crook.png Locust Crook
Royal Khopesh.png Royal Khopesh
Sunrise Scepter.png Sunrise Scepter
Sandglobe.png Sandglobe
Scarabeus Mask.png Scarabeus Mask
Scarabeus Trophy.png Scarabeus Trophy


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