Death Prevention is a mechanic added by the Spirit Mod. Normally, when a player's health drops to 0, they die and respawn after a short delay. Up until now there are 2 items that use this mechanic.


A Death Prevention item, prevents the player from dying when their health drops down to 0, it will grant the player a small amount of health and a short period of invulnerability.

Source Health restored Duration Cooldown Additional effect
Clatterbone armor.png Clatterbone armor Same amount as before "death" While equipped 6 minutes Inflicts the Sturdy debuff which is the cooldown for the Death Prevention to avoid infinite avoidance of death


A Death Escape item, teleports the player away to either a random location nearby or their spawnpoint, taking them out of harms way.

Source Health restored Duration Cooldown Additional effect
Eye of the Illusionist.png Eye of the Illusionist N/A While equipped 10 minutes Teleports the player to their spawn point, does not work while a boss is alive
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