Dark Sepulchres are Pre-Hardmode structures that spawn in the Cavern layer. It consists of large towers and gothic architecture, made of Sepulchre Brick and Sepulchre Roofing, with Sepulchre Wall making up the background, with various types of furniture and Cursed Armor. Each sepulchre contains one Sepulchre Chest, containing three weapons and one accessory. If the player opens the chest, all Cursed Armor in the structure will turn into Draugrs, which need to be killed to open the chest. A Mysterious Tome can be found on the shelves of the Sepulchre, which when broken, summon a Haunted Tome.


Dark Sepulchre
Characters Unique Drops
Draugr.png Draugr
Haunted Tome.png Haunted Tome

From Sepulchre Chests:

Accursed Blade.png Accursed Blade
Old Cross.png Old Cross

From Haunted Tomes:

Screaming Tome.png Screaming Tome

From Terrain:

Sepulchre Brick.png Sepulchre Brick
Sepulchre Roofing.png Sepulchre Roofing
Sepulchre Chest.png Sepulchre Chest
Cursed Torch.png Cursed Torch
Sepulchre Wall.png Sepulchre Wall
Sepulchre Window.png Sepulchre Window
Sepulchre Mirror.png Sepulchre Mirror
Dungeon Shelf.png Dungeon Shelf


  • Sepulchres will never be found inside Beehives, any type of Dungeon, and other sepulchres.


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