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Clattering Mace
  • Clattering Mace inventory sprite
Stack digit 1.png
Damage16 Melee
Knockback5.4 (Average)
Critical chance4%
Use time30 Average
TooltipHas a chance to lower enemy defense on hit
RarityRarity Level: 2
Sell1 Gold Coin.png 43 Silver Coin.png
Bestiary Item Spawn.png Bestiary Boss Enemy.png Obtained from
Entity Quantity Rate
Wheezer 1 1.6%

The Clattering Mace is a pre-Hardmode flail that is dropped from Wheezers.

The flail head can be extended up to 14 tiles before returning. Like most flails, holding the attack button allows the player to flail it around as they walk and which it has a chance to lower enemy defense upon contact.

Its best Modifier is Godly.


    • No longer crafted.
    • Now dropped from Wheezers.
  • 1.1.1: Introduced.
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