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Chainsaws are tools that can be used to destroy trees and cacti, similarly to axes, but are also viable melee weapons. Much like the Shinigami and other fast-swinging swords, chainsaws can deal large amounts of damage quickly, but trade off the wide arc of such weapons for the ability to be pointed in any direction. None of the chainsaws, all of which are Hardmode-exclusive, surpass the pre-Hardmode Molten Hamaxe in terms of axe power (the Butcher's Chainsaw ties it), but, from Palladium and on, they are able to cut down trees faster due to the rapid rate at which they hit the tree.

The best modifier for any chainsaw is Godly, as they cannot obtain a modifier that affects size or speed, unlike axes.


There is currently only one chainsaw available in Spirit, which is Hardmode-exclusive.

Name Axe
Damage Bonus Use Time Mining
Knockback Autoswing Rarity Sell


  • If a chainsaw is used for a minute without stopping, it will stop working and need to be restarted by pressing the Use / Attack button again. This is because they are actually long-lasting channel projectiles when used, like the Magic Missile.
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