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The Cavern layer features 5 new Pre-Hardmode enemies, 3 new Hardmode enemies and a lot of new drops.


Characters Unique Drops


Diseased Bat.png Diseased Bat
Diseased Slime.png Diseased Slime
Cavern Bandit.png Cavern Bandit
Lost Mime.png Lost Mime

After Eye of Cthulhu has been defeated:

Wheezer.png Wheezer


Acid Crawler.png Acid Crawler
Observer.png Observer
Spitfly.png Spitfly

From Diseased Slimes and Diseased Bats:

Bismite Crystal.png Bismite Crystal
Carrot Cake.png Carrot Cake

From Cavern Bandits:

Magic Lantern.png Magic Lantern

From Lost Mimes:

Mime Mask (Spirit).png Mime Mask (Spirit)
Mime Bomb.png Mime Bomb

From Wheezers:

Wheezer Scale.png Wheezer Scale
Clattering Mace.png Clattering Mace
Clatterbone Faceplate.png Clatterbone Faceplate
Clatterbone Breastplate.png Clatterbone Breastplate
Clatterbone Greaves.png Clatterbone Greaves

From Spitflies, Observers and Acid Crawlers:

Corrosive Acid.png Corrosive Acid


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