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The Briar is a biome that generates on world creation. It is a fairly large biome similar to the Forest, with yellow-green trees and dark green grass, Skulls on a Stick, a large Living Tree-like structure, a fairly large system of caves beneath the surface containing Briar Huts where Briar Chests and Wildwood Altars can be found, and a small cavern where the boss of the biome can be summoned. When exploring the Briar, it will start raining constantly until the biome is exited; defeating Vinewrath Bane for the first time stops the rain, and the message "The torrential downpour in the Briar has lifted!" will appear in the chat. Water in the biome inflicts Poisoned unless the Vinewrath Bane has been defeated.

The Adventurer will be found tied up in one of the Briar Huts.

When exploring the Briar during the day, its own music track Seedless Garden will play. Once the moon rises, the track Briar Night, will play instead.


Characters Unique Drops


Ensnared Adventurer.png Ensnared Adventurer
Blossom Hound.png Blossom Hound
Briarthorn Slime.png Briarthorn Slime
Droseran Trapper.png Droseran Trapper
Feral Hunter.png Feral Hunter
Thorn Stalker.png Thorn Stalker
Wildwood Watcher.png Wildwood Watcher


Glade Wraith.png Glade Wraith


Vinewrath Bane.png Vinewrath Bane


Blubby.png Blubby
Briar Inchworm.png Briar Inchworm
Briarmoth.png Briarmoth
Noxophyll (NPC).png Noxophyll (NPC)
From some Briar enemies during the night:
Enchanted Leaf.png Enchanted Leaf

From some Briar enemies:

Elderbark.png Elderbark

From Feral Hunter:

Sanctified Stabber.png Sanctified Stabber

From Thorn Stalker:

Rice Paddy Hat.png Rice Paddy Hat
Vine Chain.png Vine Chain

From Droseran Trapper, Feral Hunter, and Wildwood Watcher:

Caesar Salad.png Caesar Salad

From Glade Wraith:

Oak Heart.png Oak Heart
Huskstalk Staff.png Huskstalk Staff
Sacred Vine.png Sacred Vine
From terrain:
Strange Flora.png Strange Flora
Blast Stone.png Blast Stone
Floran Ore.png Floran Ore
Elderbark.png Elderbark
Briar Chest.png Briar Chest
Skull on a Stick.png Skull on a Stick
Glowflower.png Glowflower

From Fishing:

Thorny Crate.png Thorny Crate
Noxophyll.png Noxophyll
Thorn Devilfish.png Thorn Devilfish


  • The Briar is the only surface biome in the game that is not affected by any other biome, meaning that it stops the spread of other biomes like the Corruption and cannot spread into other biomes.


  • The Underground Briar will have its own music track released in a future update.


  • Added new nighttime track called "Briar Night".
    • Added new daytime track called "Seedless Garden".
    • Renamed from "Reach" to "Briar".
    • Overhauled biome generation.
    • Glade Wraith now spawns in this biome.
  • 1.1.1: Introduced.
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