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This page describes game content that will be reworked in a future update.
Blood Gazer
Blood Gazer.png
EnvironmentBlood Moon
AI TypeBlood Gazer AI
Damage45 / 90
Max Life800 / 1600
KB Resist10 / 9%
Immune toConfused.pngBlood Corruption.png
BannerBlood Gazer Banner.pngBlood Gazer Banner

Blood Gazer is a Hardmode enemy which spawns naturally during Blood Moons. The Blood Gazer will simply float towards the player whilst dripping down small or big Rotten Eyeballs and can phase through walls. On death, it will explode into multiple rotten eyeballs.


    • Reworked into a enemy.
    • Removed True Blood Gazer phase.
    • Damage decreased from 50 / 100 to 45 / 90, and health from 10000 / 15000 to 800 / 1600.
  • Introduced.
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