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Blank Glyph
  • Blank Glyph inventory sprite
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Tooltip'The Enchanter could probably use this'
RarityRarity level: Quest
Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
Any enemy 1 0.13%
Any boss (First time) Varies 100%
Rune Wizard
1 100%

Blank Glyphs are a form of currency used for the Enchanter NPC. They can be obtained rarely from any enemy at a 1.75% chance or when each Boss is defeated for the first time, and also from Tims and Rune Wizards with a 100% chance. They can be traded for special glyphs, which can be applied to items to give them special effects.


Item Price
Null Glyph.png Null Glyph 5 Gold Coin
Frost Glyph.png Frost Glyph 1 Blank Glyph
Efficiency Glyph.png Efficiency Glyph 1 Blank Glyph
Radiant Glyph.png Radiant Glyph 1 Blank Glyph
Sanguine Glyph.png Sanguine Glyph 3 Blank Glyph
Storm Glyph.png Storm Glyph 2 Blank Glyph
Unholy Glyph.png Unholy Glyph 2 Blank Glyph
Bee Glyph.png Bee Glyph 3 Blank Glyph
Veil Glyph.png Veil Glyph 3 Blank Glyph
Blaze Glyph.png Blaze Glyph 3 Blank Glyph
Void Glyph.png Void Glyph 4 Blank Glyph
Phase Glyph.png Phase Glyph 4 Blank Glyph

Boss drop rates[]

All bosses drop a set amount of glyphs the first time they are defeated. Any boss not listed below drops 2 Blank Glyph by default.

Bosses Amount
Scarabeus, King Slime 1 Blank Glyph
Eye of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds, Brain of Cthulhu, Vinewrath Bane 2 Blank Glyph
Queen Bee, Ancient Avian, Skeletron, Starplate Voyager 3 Blank Glyph
Infernon, The Twins, The Destroyer, Skeletron Prime, Dusking 4 Blank Glyph
Wall of Flesh, Plantera, Golem, Duke Fishron, Atlas, Lunatic Cultist 5 Blank Glyph
Moon Lord 8 Blank Glyph


  • Blank Glyphs do not drop from critters, town NPCs or statue spawned enemies.


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