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Blank Glyph
  • Blank Glyph inventory sprite
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Tooltip'The Enchanter could probably use this'
RarityRarity level: Quest
Bestiary Item Spawn.png Bestiary Boss Enemy.png Obtained from
Entity Quantity Rate
Any enemy 1 0.13%
Any boss (First time) 2-8 100%
Rune Wizard.pngRune Wizard
1 100%

Blank Glyphs are a form of currency used for the Enchanter NPC. They can be obtained rarely from any enemy, or guaranteed from Tims, Rune Wizards, and the first time any Boss is defeated. In addition, there is a 1/3 (33%) chance of finding one in the Dynasty Chest that is placed in every Goblin Tower.

They can be traded for special Glyphs, which can be applied to items to give them special effects.


Item Price
Null Glyph.png Null Glyph 5 Gold Coin
Frost Glyph.png Frost Glyph 1 Blank Glyph
Efficiency Glyph.png Efficiency Glyph 1 Blank Glyph
Radiant Glyph.png Radiant Glyph 1 Blank Glyph
Sanguine Glyph.png Sanguine Glyph 3 Blank Glyph
Storm Glyph.png Storm Glyph 2 Blank Glyph
Unholy Glyph.png Unholy Glyph 2 Blank Glyph
Bee Glyph.png Bee Glyph 3 Blank Glyph
Veil Glyph.png Veil Glyph 3 Blank Glyph
Blaze Glyph.png Blaze Glyph 3 Blank Glyph
Void Glyph.png Void Glyph 4 Blank Glyph
Phase Glyph.png Phase Glyph 4 Blank Glyph

Boss drop rates[]

All bosses drop a set amount of glyphs the first time they are defeated. Any boss not listed below drops 2 Blank Glyph.

Bosses Amount
Vinewrath Bane, Queen Bee, Skeletron, Ancient Avian, Starplate Voyager 3 Blank Glyph
Infernon, The Destroyer, Skeletron Prime, Dusking 4 Blank Glyph
Wall of Flesh, Plantera, Golem, Duke Fishron, Lunatic Cultist, Atlas 5 Blank Glyph
Moon Lord 8 Blank Glyph


  • Blank Glyphs do not drop from critters, town NPCs, or statue spawned enemies.
  • The amount of glyphs dropped from bosses is multiplied by the amount of players in the world, even counting players who did not deal any damage to the boss.
  • Despite being considered to be just as hard to beat as Skeletron Prime, The Twins only drop 2 Blank Glyphs in total.


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