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Bandit Hideout.png

The Bandit Hideout is a structure that can be found on one of the outer fourths of the Surface layer. In the upper section is the Bound Bandit, a Wooden Crate, a Furnace, a Keg, two Spear Racks, Ropes leading up to two Dungeon Doors, and an Oil Rag Sconse lighting the place up. The house is made up of Wood and Gray Bricks, with Dungeon Shelves on top of the roof. There are two Campfires placed around, as well as some tents and rocks, but they aren't obtainable.

Only either a Bandit Hideout or an Arcane Tower can spawn on a given world, unless the Config option "Arcane Tower and Bandit Hideout Generation" is enabled.


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