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Astralite Shard
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Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
TypeBlockCrafting material
PlaceableTango Tick1.png
Dimensions1 wide × 1 high
Tooltip'It seems that Starplate entities have been scouring the stars looking for this'
RarityRarity Level: 3
Sell20 Copper Coin
Bestiary Item Spawn.png Bestiary Boss Enemy.png Obtained from
Entity Quantity Rate
Starplate Voyager 14-19 100%

Astralite Shards are a crafting material that drop from the Starplate Voyager, or can be mined from the Asteroid Field after it has been defeated. It is a viable late Pre-Hardmode material for armor and later-game weapons.


Used in[]

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Astralite Visor.png Astralite Shard.pngAstralite Shard (12) Iron Anvil.png Iron Anvil /
Lead Anvil.png Lead Anvil
Astralite Chestguard.png Astralite Shard.pngAstralite Shard (14)
Astralite Leggings.png Astralite Shard.pngAstralite Shard (11)
Starblade.png Starfury.pngStarfury
Talon Blade.pngTalon Blade
Astralite Shard.pngAstralite Shard (6)
Fallen Star.pngFallen Star (5)
Nova's Spark.png Breath of the Zephyr.pngBreath of the Zephyr
Frigid Scepter.pngFrigid Scepter
Unstable Conduit.pngUnstable Conduit
Astralite Shard.pngAstralite Shard (7)
Orion's Quickdraw.png Flintlock Pistol.pngFlintlock Pistol
Astralite Shard.pngAstralite Shard (16)
Starcharger.png Astralite Shard.pngAstralite Shard (17)
Livewire.png Astralite Shard.pngAstralite Shard (18)
Astral Convergence.png Astralite Shard.pngAstralite Shard (17)
Hundred-Crack Fist.png Astralite Shard.pngAstralite Shard (17)
Turquoise Lens.png Crystal Shard.pngCrystal Shard (6) Mythril Anvil.png Mythril Anvil /
Orichalcum Anvil.png Orichalcum Anvil
Asteroid Block.pngAsteroid Block (30)
Soul of Light.pngSoul of Light (10)
Astralite Shard.pngAstralite Shard (4)
Grand Light Show.png Blank Canvas.pngBlank Canvas Work Bench.png Work Bench
Astralite Shard.pngAstralite Shard
Astralite Shard.png Astralite Shard • Astralite Beacon.png Beacon
Astral Convergence.png Convergence • Livewire.png Livewire • Orion's Quickdraw.png Orion's Quickdraw • Starcharger.png Starcharger
Astralite Chestguard.png Armor • Astral Map.png Astral Map
Consumables: Jump Potion.png Potions (Runescribe Potion.png Buff Potions) • Spectre Bullet.png Ammunition • Astralite Shard.png Materials ( Elderbark.png Drops • Spirit Ore.png Ores and Spirit Bar.png Bars) • Is Lava Hot?.png Lore • Feather Crown.png Other