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The Asteroid Field, also known as the Asteroids, is a biome added by the Spirit Mod which generates upon world creation in the Space layer. It generates above one of the Oceans, and is composed of many Asteroids that vary in size depending on the world size.

The biome is primarily composed of Asteroid Blocks that make up the asteroids that generate throughout the biome, which can be filled with the Meteorite and other ores. In addition to containing veins of meteorite and other ores, the Asteroids Fields also contain a unique ore, Astralite Shards which can only be obtained after defeating Starplate Voyager, which is used in several items related to the Starplate Voyager. It also contains pockets of Space Junk, which can be salvaged at an Extractinator similarly to Silt and Slush. Astral Chests will generate on top of some Asteroids, and an Astralite Beacon will also generate within one of the Asteroids.

The Stardust, Space Debris and Meteor Shower events have a 1/4 chance of occurring every day. However, the Stardust and Space Debris events cannot happen at the same time.

The Starplate Voyager Boss can be summoned here by using a Starplate Beacon at an Astralite Beacon.

When exploring the Asteroid Fields, its own music track Above Islands will play.


Asteroid Field
Characters Unique Treasures Unique Drops
Astral Amalgam.png Astral Amalgam
Gloop.png Gloop
Shockhopper.png Shockhopper


Distressed Jelly.png Distressed Jelly

If Eater of Worlds / Brain of Cthulhu has been defeated:

Orbitite.png Orbitite

If Skeletron has been defeated:

Stardancer.png Stardancer


Starplate Voyager.png Starplate Voyager

From Asteroid Chests:

High-Grav Boots.pngHigh-Grav Boots
Magnet Hook.pngMagnet Hook
Jump Pad.pngJump Pad


Astral Amalgam Banner.pngAstral Amalgam Banner
Gloop Banner.pngGloop Banner
Orbitite Banner.pngOrbitite Banner
Shockhopper Banner.pngShockhopper Banner
Stardancer Banner.pngStardancer Banner

From Astral Amalgams, Gloops, Orbitites
and Shockhoppers:

Astronaut Helmet.png Astronaut Helmet
Astronaut Suit.png Astronaut Suit
Astronaut Pants.png Astronaut Pants

From Astral Amalgams:

Interstellar Shield Core.png Interstellar Shield Core

From Orbitites:

Orbiter Staff.png Orbiter Staff

From Shockhoppers:

Gate Staff.png Gate Staff
Gravity Modulator.png Gravity Modulator

From Stardancers:

Energized Metal.png Energized Metal
Protectorate Uniform.png Protectorate Uniform
Protectorate Greaves.png Protectorate Greaves

From terrain:

Asteroid Block.png Asteroid Block
Space Junk.png Space Junk
Meteorite.png Meteorite
Astralite Shard.png Astralite Shard
Asteroid Chest.png Asteroid Chest
Astralite Beacon.png Astralite Beacon
Salvaged Scrap.png Salvaged Scrap



  • Much of the content in the Asteroid Fields is inspired by a suggestion on the Terraria Community Forums by Yuyutsu
    • Furthermore, Some of the content in the Asteroid Fields may have also inspired by the Asteroid Fields in Starbound.


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