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Goblin Tower.png

The Arcane Tower is a structure that can be found on one of the outer sixths of the Surface layer. In the center of the structure there is a Bound Gambler sitting next to a Dynasty Chest, which contains similar loot to Surface Chests. On the ground floor of the tower is a monument that, when broken, spawns a Shadowbreak Wand and 2 Goblin Sorcerers. The tower itself is mostly made of Wood and Stone Slabs, with either color of Dynasty Shingles as the roof. The lower floor has 2 Wooden Crates, and on the upper floor there is a Goblin Statue on one side, and a placed Goblin Battle Standard on the other side, which always drops 3 Tattered Cloth when broken.

Only either an Arcane Tower or a Bandit Hideout can spawn on a given world, unless the Config option "Arcane Tower and Bandit Hideout Generation" is enabled.


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