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Arcane Codex- Slow Zone
  • Arcane Codex- Slow Zone inventory sprite
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TooltipSummons a slow zone at the cursor position
Inflicts DebuffChilly Grasp.pngChilly Grasp
Debuff duration3 seconds outside of zone
Debuff tooltip???
RarityRarity Level: 2
Sell20 Silver Coin
Summons Sentry
Slow Zone
Slow Zone.png

The Arcane Codex- Slow Zone is one of six codex's which aid the player in their fights or general exploration. Using the Arcane Codex- Slow Zone will summon a 9x9 area centered at the cursor position (so it goes 4 tiles in every direction from where it's "core" is summoned).

This zone specifically slows down hostile NPCs while they are in the zone inflicting them with the Chilly Grasp debuff. The debuff will remain for 3 seconds after the hostile NPC leaves the zone.

Do note that the Arcane Codex- Slow Zone requires a sentry slot to work and that the player is able to summon multiple Zones at once.



Crafting Station
Work Bench.png Work Bench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Empty Arcane Codex.png Empty Arcane Codex 1
Cryolite Bar.png Cryolite Bar 8
Arcane Codex- Slow Zone.png Arcane Codex- Slow Zone 1


  • The Arcane Codex- Slow Zone along with all other Zones cannot receive Modifiers.
  • You can summon multiple zones at once, even from the same type (except for the Arcane Codex- Repulsion Zone)
  • No matter what combination of sentry increasing armor or accessories the player wears, zones cannot exceed the max. limit of 5 zones summoned at once


Empty Arcane Codex
Empty Arcane Codex.pngEmpty Arcane Codex
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