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An Alchemist's Observations
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Tooltipby Lena Ashwood, Alchemist
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The An Alchemist's Observations is a Pre-Hardmode Book found in Chests underground.


After experimenting with ingredients from all around this world, I've decided to detail some of the more interesting concoctions that I've produced.

Toxin Potion.png Toxin Potion I believe I made this nasty brew from a combination of a poisonous Noxophyll and some of those strange metallic Bismite Crystals. The poisons cancelled each other out and I was left with this foul-tasting, but drinkable, substance that proves to be quite potent in battle.

Sporecoid Potion.png Sporecoid Potion After obtaining a rare sample of Glowroot from a band of field researchers, I mixed it in with Glowing Mushrooms to produce this. The field researchers told me that they were never going back to that 'freaky place', but that I could retrieve more Glowroot by cutting down giant mushroom trees. I must investigate soon.

Jump Potion.png Jump Potion It was one of those days where I decided to throw stuff in a pot at random to see what would happen. Who would've thought that Pink Gel and Daybloom would cause me to feel so giddy! After downing this sweet stuff, I was jumping for joy- and jumping much higher than I normally would, too.";

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