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“Seafarer Update”
Release date June 25th, 2022
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Version History

Spirit Mod 1.4.3 overhauled the Ocean biome and Quest system, added early-Hardmode content, added two Ambient Events, introduced many quality-of-life features, and fixed many bugs.

This update was unique in the fact that it was released in a soft-launch on the Discord server exclusively, due to the mod owner Yuyutsu being gone from the internet during the two months prior to its release.


Ocean Expansion[]

  • Added the Deep Ocean biome, a deeper segment of the normal Ocean biome
  • Added new Ocean generation

Quest System Overhaul[]

  • Added the new Quest Journal, a Quest menu
  • Quests can now be obtained by more NPCs than the Adventurer
  • Quests are now more dynamic, featuring branching paths and Quest categories

Early-Hardmode Content[]

  • Added new content related to the Pirate Invasion
    • This includes the Pirate Key/Chest, Pieces of Eight, Pirate Lobbers, and more
  • The Granite and Marble biomes both have Hardmode additions:
    • New Granite additions include GraniTec Turrets, G-Tek Components, Focus M-11, Technobrand, G-TEK Grenades, and Vector .109
    • New Marble additions include the Boon system, Arachnoton, Trochmaton, Lernean Hydra, Hydra Masks, and the Oracle
  • Added the Vulture Matriarch, a new Mini-Boss
    • It spawns rarely in the Desert during Hardmode, though it can be spawned through the quest "Broodmother" as well
    • The boss drops the Vulture Matriarch's Golden Egg upon defeat, which grants new items when picked up
  • A large amount of weapons have been added to this segment of the game as well

Ashfall & Starfall Event[]

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  • Ashfall is an ambient event that takes place in the Underworld.
  • Starfall is an ambient event involving falling stars. These differ based on where the player is.

Occultist Rework[]

  • The Occultist's visuals have been updated.
  • The Occultist also has new attacks instead of summoning enemies: A ground slam, homing projectiles, and white bolts.
  • A death animation was also added to the Mini-Boss.


  • Allows the player to sell items more easily.



  • Added Boulder Behemoths, a new Hardmode enemy
  • Added Mangrove Defender, a new Hardmode enemy
  • Major edits and bugfixes for the Arterial Grasper: multiple can spawn, less visual bugs
  • Added Stymphalian Bats, Arachmaton, and Trochmaton, new Hardmode Marble enemies
  • Added Schools of Fish to the Ocean
  • Added the Pirate Lobber, a new pirate enemy
  • Blood Moon enemies now explode into Dreamstride Wisps, a new critter that must be caught or killed to receive Dreamstride Essence
  • Added the GraniTec Sentry, a new Hardmode Granite enemy
  • Added Groupers, a new fish critter found in the Ocean
  • Added Sailor Zombie, Kelp Zombie, Diver Zombie, and Trident Zombie (expert), all of which are replacements for vanilla zombies that spawn at the Ocean with unique extra drops
  • Added Cyberflies, a new critter that spawns in the Hyperspace Biome (also can be caught as bait)
  • Added Oracle, a brand new wandering NPC with an inventory that involves a brand new currency, new visual effects, a new blessing system, and more!
  • Added Palecrabs, Tubeworms, and Crinoids, critters found in the Deep Ocean
  • Added Desert Bandits and Wintry Soul, Quest enemies
  • Added the Noxious Slime, an improved version of the Diseased Slime. Implemented 5 sprite variants, improved AI, and greater Bismite drop chances
  • Added the Feral Shambler, an improved version of the Feral Hunter. Implemented new sprites and animations and new AI, as well as balancing changes
  • Added Luminous Prowler, a new Ocean enemy


  • Added Vulture Matriarch drops: Sovereign Talon, Vulture Matriarch Mask, Vulture Matriarch's Golden Egg, and Tome of the Great Scavenger
  • Added Faerie Stars, a cheap new Star Cannon/Fallen Star ammo that can be crafted in Hardmode
  • Added Short and Long Fuses, accessories that change how long explosives burn for before exploding
  • Added Pesterfly Cane, a new magic weapon that drops at a 3.3% chance from Pesterfly.
  • Added Explosive Rum, a new pre-Hardmode throwing weapon
  • Added the Supernova, a new endgame Stardust weapon
  • Added the Tesla Cannon, a new endgame Vortex weapon
  • Added the Reality Quill, a new endgame Nebula weapon
  • Added Helios, a new endgame Solar weapon
  • Added Pieces of Eight, a new Pirate drop
  • Added Anime Sword
  • Added Caged Moonlight
  • Added Possessed Hammer, a new drop from Possessed Armors
  • Added Bottomless Healing Potion, a mimic drop
  • Added Four of a Kind (Ace Cards combination accessory)
  • Added Living Elderbark Wand
  • All Club charge times decreased by 10-15%
  • Added the Starfleet, a new Hardmode cannon
  • Added the Nemean Chariot, a new Marble minecart
  • Added Undead Warlock Staff
  • Added Aurora Saddle and Aurora Stag mount
  • Added the Ukulele, a new Hardmode accessory
  • Added Graveyard, a new Hardmode tome
  • Added Carrion, a Hardmode upgrade to Hellwing Bow
  • Added Sea Mandrake Sac
  • Added the Gastric Gusher, a drop from Bloaters
  • Added the Toucane, a new mid-preHM summon
  • Added the Warhead, a new Rocket ammo
  • Added the Iron Bomber, a new preHardmode rocket launcher
  • Added the Liberty, a new preHardmode rocket launcher
  • Added the Fairy Whistle, a replacement to the Overgrowth Staff
  • Added the Surrender Bell, a way to end any invasion sold by the Wizard
  • Added the Crystal Flower, an accessory found growing on cacti in the hallow
  • Added Technobrand, a new early Hardmode sword
  • Added Vector .109, a new early Hardmode gun
  • Added Focus M-II, a new early Hardmode magic weapon
  • Added Mark of Zeus, an early Hardmode magic weapon.
  • Added Iokheira, an early Hardmode bow.
  • Added Blades of Chaos, an early Hardmode melee weapon.
  • Added Eleutherios, an early Hardmode accessory that trades healing potency for damage!
  • Driftwood
    • Added Small, Medium and Large Driftwood
    • Added Driftwood (crafting material)
    • Added Driftwood armor and tools
    • Added Driftwood Walls
  • Added Ambergris
  • Added Message in a Bottle and Raft Mount
  • Added First Mate
  • Added Lady Luck, a new Hardmode weapon
  • Added Sanguine Flayer, a new Crimson Mimic active summoner/tag damage drop
  • Added Frost Giant Belt, a new accessory for clubs dropped by skeleton vikings and as a reward for completing the "Below the Ice" Quest.
  • Added Magic Deck, a new magic item sold by the gambler in Hardmode.
  • Added Mirror Coat, a new potion that prevents Medusa's Stoned debuff
  • Added Captain's Cap
  • Added 25 new items that allow the player to place large ambient objects from Vanilla Terraria (boulders, rubble, tents, etc.)
  • Added Kelp Hook, a new earlygame hook
  • Added Bloodrite Dagger, an item that spawns in the Blood Moon (until tML 1.4)
  • Added Nigiri, a new sushi.
  • Added Steamed Mussels
  • Added Jade Daos, a new Hardmode Travelling Merchant ware.
  • Added Blade of the Dragon, a new Hardmode Travelling Merchant ware.
  • Added Crystal Windchimes, a rare drop from hanging crystals in the underground hallow
  • Added Banners for:
  • Added catchable items for Tubeworms and Crinoids
  • Added Tubeworm Bowl, Red Crinoid Terrarium, Pale Crinoid Terrarium, and Brown Crinoid Terrarium
  • Added G-TEK Grenade
  • Added Infernal Pact, a new HM accessory
  • Added Electric Guitar, an upgrade to the Ukulele.
  • Added Cursebreaker, a new Hardmode Greatsword
  • Added Rangefinder, a new vanity item
  • Added Deep Cascade Armor
  • Added Fiery, Venomous, and Acidic Hydra Masks
  • Added Opal Frog
  • Added Pieces of Eight
  • Added Pendant of the Ocean
  • Added Maneater Skull
  • Added Reef Trident
  • Added Sulfur Deposit
  • Added Urchin Lobber
  • Added Claw Cannon
  • Added Fisheye Gem, a reward from the quest Fishy Business that increases the sell price of fish by 50%
  • Added Bismite Grenades


  • Added Pureglow, a new tile from the Hardmode Briar that completely blocks evil spread in a vertical barrier from the surface to the Underworld
  • Added Jade Dragon Statuette, a new placeable item found in Sky Pagodas
  • Added Azure Block, a decoration block crafted with Azure Gems
  • Added Hanging Chimes, a new underground vine-like decoration that grows in the Hallow
  • Added Duskwood Chest
  • Added Glowplate Bed, Chair, Table, Chest
  • Added Ocean and Deep Ocean Flora and Ambient Objects: Kelp, Glowing Plants, 5-6 Big Coral Variants, and Beachgrass
  • Added a Deep Ocean Ambient Object: Hydrothermal Vents
  • Added Aurora Monoliths, a toggleable Aurora tile
  • Added Briar Water Fountains
  • Added placeable Kelp
  • Added Sunken Treasure
  • Added Fish Lure, a placeable item that passively spawns schools of fish in nearby bodies of water
  • Added brand new Hardmode Chests to the Ocean, which contain the First Mate and Lady Luck
  • Added placeable versions of Glowing plants and Hydrothermal vents found in the Deep Ocean
  • Added Hyperborean Relics and Ice Deity Statue
  • Added Giant Manshark Statue
  • Added Occult Wall Scroll
  • Added 2 new Music Boxes
  • Added Music Boxes for all new music tracks except for Starfall
  • Added Slot Machine
  • Added Mussels, small tiles that spawn on wood in the Ocean, and can be cooked as food

World Generation[]

  • Overhauled Ocean Generation with Kelp, Coral, Glowing Plants, Beachgrass, and Sunken Treasure
  • Added a configurable option that allows the player to generate both the Arcane Tower and the Bandit Hideout in the same world (defaults to OFF)


  • Added music for Ashfall
  • Added music for Starfall
  • Added music for the Deep Ocean
  • Added music for Crimson Nighttime
  • Added another track for Hyperspace Day
  • Remastered three tracks:
    • Aurora Borealis
    • Regal Tunnel (Marble Cave)
    • Kempt Dunes (Desert Nighttime)


  • Added a set of Quests for the Dryad
  • Added introductory Quests to find Life Crystals, etc.
  • Added rescue Quests for the Stylist, Bandit, and Gambler
  • Added a new Quest involving the search for ice relics
  • Added new Designer Quests that ask the player to build new items/furniture
  • Added over a dozen new Quest items
  • Added a new Quest involving the Desert and mystical treasure
  • Added new Quests: Ancestral Worship, Fishy Business, Bare Necessities, Blast from the Past, 5 Sanctuary Quests for the Dryad, Lights in the Sky, Below the Waves, High Tide- Glow Tide, Heart to the Cause, Beneath the Ice, Jellyfish Hunter, Sinister Sands, Wrapped Up, No Laughing Matter, Unholy Undertaking, Forsaken Relics, 4 Stylist Quests, Broodmother, Once In A...
  • Added a new quest for the Hardmode Marble Biome
  • Added a Quest for the Aurora Stag


  • Added a visual beam of light effect to Mining Helmets
  • Added a tooltip message that displays if an item has autoswing or not
  • Added frost breath, a visual player effect, in the Snow Biome
  • Town NPCs now have a frost breath effect when in the Snow Biome
  • Added a new biome background for the Hyperspace Biome
  • Added the new Infernon minimap sprite for the Infernus Skull
  • Config
    • Added a config option for fishing encounters (Mimics, Bottom Feeders)
    • Added a config option to disable critters spawning from Hydrothermal Vents
    • Added a config option for the amount of screenshake items and enemies have.
  • Added underwater ambience if the player is fully submerged underwater
  • Added a sweat effect to players when they're in the Desert
  • To prevent visual conflict with Terraria Overhaul, added a config to disable Leaf Fall for Briar and Calm Nights
  • Added new ambient particles to The Underworld and Meteorite biomes
  • Items now float in the Ocean
  • Water in the Ocean is now clearer and brighter. This is a configurable option.
  • The Ocean floor now has a custom Kelp Forest background.
  • Added the Marble Boon System alongside a new currency
  • The Manta Ray Mount can now briefly jump out of water
  • Added a natural wave/tide system for the Ocean



Ancient Avian[]

  • Now immune to Poisoned, Venom, Blood Corruption, Blood Infusion, and Festering Wounds


  • Atlas and Cobbled Eyes are now immune to Venom, Poisoned, Confused, Festering Wounds, Blood Coruption, and Blood Infusion


  • Now despawns if too far away from a player and/or far outside of the world
  • Dusking and Antumbral Skulls are now immune to Shadowflame and Confused


  • Infernus Skulls follow the player less aggressively
  • Infernus Skull is now immune to On Fire and Cursed Inferno

Moon Jelly Wizard[]

  • Health increased from a base of 1,600 to 2,000
  • Now immune to Confused


  • Now immune to Confused

Starplate Voyager[]

  • Fixed boss glow being very offset
  • Now gives players normal gravity while fighting it in Space

Vinewrath Bane[]

  • Buffed Phase 1 damage slightly
  • Buffed Phase 2 damage and health slightly
  • Phase 2 thorn attack now happens as soon as the phase starts instead of at half health


  • Beholder is now immune to Confused

Glade Wraith[]

  • Dashing AI edited


    • Reduced spawn rate by 27%
    • Now immune to Confused, Electrified, and On Fire!
    • Increased money dropped from 67 Silver Coin.png 60 Copper Coin.png to 1 Gold Coin.png 38 Silver Coin.png 58 Copper Coin.png

Snow Monger[]

  • Now immune to all debuffs


Calm Nights[]

  • Calm Nights cannot occur during blood moons, and reduce enemy spawns to 0 in forests

Jelly Deluge[]

  • Now affects the entire surface rather than just Space. It occurs less frequently as a result
  • Increased the Tethervolt Jelly electric damage (10 -> 30)
  • Increased Moonlight Preserver's damage (10 -> 25)
  • Jellyfish Orbiter projectiles fire much faster in Expert and have a speed range for variety
  • Increased the Tiny Lunazoa's projectile damage (7 -> 15)

Mystic Moon[]

  • All Mystic Moon enemies are immune to Star Flame

Pirate Invasion[]


  • Skeleton Brute
    • Gated to post-boss, largely buffed it
    • Increased the amount of money dropped (4 silver -> 30 silver)
  • Wooden, Iron, and Golden crate mimics now drop their respective crates instead of crate loot
  • Hookbats now no longer spawn in swarms
  • Tweaked and improved Dungeon Cube AI
  • Multiple Arterial Graspers can spawn at once
  • Deadeye Marksmen spawn less in Hardmode
  • Overhauled Glow Toad behavior
  • Antlion Assassin now no longer releases multiple dust clouds every time it's hit
  • Cavern Crawler and Wheezer spawn less frequently in Hardmode
  • Improved Blizzard Bandit hit sounds
  • Meteor Heads no longer kill critters in the Asteroid biome
  • Wandering Soul
    • Drastically reduced Wandering Soul spawns
    • Nerfed Health and KB resist
  • Greatly improved Spellsword's Crest AI
  • Increased Goblin Grenadier spawnrates
  • Buffed Hemophora HP
  • Made Chest Zombies drop chest loot 100% of the time
  • Floaters now drop Raw Fish 100% of the time
  • Implemented a cap for the number of Crimson Pustules that can spawn
  • Made all pre-HM Spirit Dungeon Enemies spawn less frequently post Plantera
  • Made the Phantom Samurai dash slightly longer
  • Made Yuureis teleport farther away from the player
  • Bloatfish
    • Now rarely drops Balloon Pufferfish
    • Now drops Iridescent shards
  • Mechromancer Coil Rockets now home in on the player more slowly
  • Immunities
    • Alien is now immune to Poisoned, Venom
    • Ancient Apostle is now immune to Poisoned, Festering Wounds, Blood Corruption, Blood Infusion, and Confused
    • Arterial Grasper is now immune to Confused
    • Astral Adventurer is immune to On Fire
    • Astral Amalgam is immune to Poisoned, Festering Wounds, and Confused
    • Blizzard Bandit is immune to Frostburn, Cryo Crush, and Chilly Grasp
    • Blizzard Nimbus is immune to Frostburn, Cryo Crush, Confused, and Chilly Grasp
    • Bloater is now immune to Poisoned, Confused
    • Bloatfish is now immune to Confused
    • Glow Toad and Glitterfly are now immune to Confused
    • Bottom Feeder is now immune to Blood Corruption, Blood Infusion
    • Crackling Core is now immune to Blood Corruption, Blood Infusion, Festering Wounds, Poisoned, and Confused
    • Draugr is now immune to Poisoned, On Fire, and Festering Wounds
    • Electric Eel is now immune to Electrified
    • Explosive Barrel is now immune to all debuffs
    • Falling Asteroid is now immune to On Fire, Poisoned, and Confused
    • Flesh Hound is now immune to Blood Corruption, Blood Infusion
    • Gladiator Spirit is now immune to Poisoned, Venom, and Confused
    • Gloop is now immune to Poisoned, Confused
    • Haunted Tome is now immune to Poisoned, Confused, On Fire, lava, Blood Corruption, and Blood Infusion
    • Hemophora is now immune to Poisoned
    • Gluttonous Devourer is now immune to On Fire, Confused
    • Lost Mime is now immune to Confused
    • Masticator is now immune to Confused
    • Molten Core is now immune to On Fire and Confused
    • Orbitite is now immune to On Fire and Confused
    • Phantom Samurai is now immune to all debuffs
    • Screech Owl is now immune to Frostburn and Confused
    • Shockhopper is now immune to Festering Wounds, Poisoned, Electrified, and Confused
    • Wandering Soul is now immune to all debuffs
    • Wheezer is now immune to Poisoned
    • Yuurei are now immune to all debuffs
  • Added gores and new special effects for the Gambler when she dies
  • Sea Mandrake has been reworked with passive AI
  • Numerous critters can now be damaged/killed by enemies
  • Hookbats now only dash toward the player if they are near the player
  • Blizzard Nimbus moved to Blizzards from Space, now drops Ice Sickle and Frost Staff
  • Cavern Bandits now drop hooks
  • Cystals now only spawn post boss
  • Buffed Arterial Grasper health and spawnrate slightly
  • Buffed Pokey health
  • Modified spawn rates for crate mimics, more common when using a crate potion
  • The painter now sells mysterious satchels


  • Nerfed Coil Pistol
  • Increased Coil Bullet hitbox size
  • Buffed Staff of Ornaments
  • Livewire
    • Changed to a 1.4-style flail
    • It can now be wound up before being stuck to an enemywa
    • Time it can be stuck on to an enemy was increased to 10 seconds.
  • Starblade's homing wisp now has a greater homing range
  • Lunazoa Staff
    • Lunazoa Orbiters now spawn little jellies faster and launch them at a higher velocity
    • Fixed a bug which prevented orbiters from properly targeting enemies
  • Fixed a bug with Bismite Crystal Staff which prevented its minions from properly targeting enemies
  • Magnet Hooks now have a brief waiting period before homing onto a tile
  • Sanguine Scutum damage reduction per enemy buffed from 3% -> 5%, maximum reduction buffed from 15% -> 25%
  • General fixes and improvements to Bloodthorn Blade
  • Floran Bludgeon can now be crafted with an Anvil
  • Adjusted the Bleeding Heart/Heartillery minion to be more accurate
  • Made Sorcerer's Wand projectiles move faster
  • Sacrificial Dagger and Shadowbreak Wand have new effects
  • Buffed the Bow of Ornaments
  • Capped to the number of skulls the Tome of Forbidden Knowledge can spawn at 8
  • Buffed Screaming Tome
  • Nerfed Eyeshot
  • Renamed Unfeller of Evergreens to 'Evergreen'
  • Frost Glyph should no longer spawn >5 icicles in multiplayer
  • Slightly buffed Cryolite Pickaxe
  • Thorn Hook can now be recast while anchored to a tile
  • Starflux now has a better spread that isn't as imbalanced
  • Shadowbreak Wand tooltip updated
  • Stone Armor rarity reduced to White, reduced defense by 1, made the set bonus Knockback immunity instead of the fall speed increase
  • Greatly buffed Omniwrench Pick Speed
  • Moon Jelly total health restored increased from 120 to 150, and now lists potion sickness as a debuff
  • Moon Jelly Donut total health restored increased from 270 to 337.5
  • True Hallowed Staff projectiles now go through walls, last for less time and penetrate fewer enemies to balance it out
  • Slightly buffed Cryolite melee damage (10 -> 12)
  • Buffed Wayfarer armor defense by 2 overall, increased movement speed buff to 12% overall
  • Renamed True Crimbine to True Harvester
  • Flarespark Staff now knocks enemies back less, allowing for more hits
  • Spore Wheezer spores can now be destroyed by projectiles
  • Reworked the Pigron Staff and Pigron minion
  • Buffed and resprited Staff of the Jade Dragon, now does Magic damage
  • Reworked Accursed Blade
  • Renamed all Duskwood items to be consistent
  • Duskwood walls now craftable back into Duskwood
  • Renamed Discharge Tubules to Discharge Tubule
  • Edited Tech Drive tooltip
  • Reworked Ethereal Butterfly Staff
  • Smoothed out Corpsebloom behavior
  • Made Brilliant Harvester play a small chime when harvesting extra gems and ore
  • Arcane Codex- Repulsion Zone is now no longer unusable when a field is active, instead has a small delay before you can cast again
  • Club Sandwich now only grants well fed for 4 seconds
  • Made Enchanted Leaf Glow effect also appear in the inventory
  • Standardized the rarity of Arcane Codex, Brilliant Harvester, Rot Scourge, Cascade Items
  • Improvements made to Slag Breaker
  • Greatly improved Sanguine Ward effect and visuals
  • Reworked Winter's Wake, which now converts rockets into a unique cryo rocket
  • Renamed Sandglobe to Sands of Time,
  • Reworked Brine Barrage
  • Added a new recipe for Corrosive Acid
  • Feather Crown is now usable on the surface as well instead of only space
  • Locust Crook projectiles now don't immediately collide with tiles and die
  • Spirit Ore and Spirit Bar sell prices increased to 25 silver and 2 gold per item respectively
  • Added 17 of Spirit's vanity sets as rare Gambler Chest rewards
  • Nerfed the Adorned Bow max damage and charge rate slightly
  • Moved regular Sushi to be a kelp + raw fish craft
  • Made clubs draw in front of the player, instead of behind them
  • Duskwood now counts as wood for all wood-related recipes
  • Frigid Items
    • Reduced Frigid Faceplate Frigid Fragment cost (12 -> 8)
    • Reduced Frigid Plate cost from 14 Frigid Fragment to 9
    • Reduced Frigid Greaves cost from 10 Frigid Fragment to 6
      • Armor set now costs 23 instead of 36 fragments total
    • Reduced Frigid Spine cost from 10 Frigid Fragment > 9
    • Reduced Frigid Scepter and Frigid Javelin cost from 12 Frigid Fragment to 9
    • Frigid Fragments now craft Frostburn Arrows
  • Reduced Tiny Lunazoa max bait power to 45% instead of 75%
  • Nerfed the Sunbeam Staff
  • Improved Astral Map functionality
  • Increased The Blasphemer, Floran Bludgeon, Macuahuitl, and Unstable Adze base damage and max damage slightly
  • Macuahuitl now provides more armor penetration (buffed from 1/3 damage value to 1/2)
  • Granite Set Bonus cooldown reduced to 4 seconds, knockback of stomp increased
  • Gilded Set Bonus cooldown reduced to 5 seconds
  • Gilded Helmet now offers 3% movement speed
  • Starblade now launches projectiles every 3 swings, projectile damage has been halved
  • Jellynaut's Bubble defense increased to 2, critical strike chance increased to 10%
  • Added useTurn on all clubs [sic]
  • Made Stone Fist unconsumable
  • Increased Bloodcourt Armor defense to 11, increased Dark Anima damage to 70
  • Nerfed Sanguine Glyph healing output
  • Assassin's Magazine now works while in the inventory
  • Added Donator Vanity for Spirit Mod Patrons this update: LightNovas, Meteor, Waasephi, and PixelatedFireball
  • Glyphs now play a tune when equipped
  • Significantly improved Jinxbow ammo selection, now can use any arrow from any mod
  • Magnet Hook no longer homes towards actuated blocks
  • Reworked Bubble Blaster
  • Reworked Blizzard's Edge
  • Made the Shadowflame Sword's use sound not awful [sic]
  • Raised Rabbit's Foot drop rate (from Bunnies) (1/150 -> 1/120)
  • Raised Sweet Throw's drop rate (from Queen Bee) ""1/20(10)" -> "1/14(10)" [sic]
  • Buffed the Quackling Staff's fire rate and fire speed
  • Coiled Blade now has useTurn
  • Royal Khopesh now can be switched out easily
  • Rebalanced the synergy between the Golden Apple, Golden Shield and Medusa Shield:
    • Given the following formula:
    • (maxLife - life) / maxLife * multiplier
    • Each accessory has a different base multiplier, which are as follows:
      • Golden Apple: 15
      • Golden Shield: 20
      • Medusa Shield: 25
  • Packing Crates are now also destructible by striking them, breaking them provides loot
  • Removed Space Junk debuffs, instead made it inflict Bleeding for 5 seconds when you walk on it
  • Made Briar Vines sway
  • Made Briar Grass occasionally drop Briar Grass Seeds
  • Old Telescopes now display the moon phase when right clicked
  • Briar Grass now spreads to dirt properly
  • Asteroid Blocks are no long usable by the Extractinator
  • Durasilk Sheafs can now be placed as wall decor
  • Biome Maps can now be placed as wall decor
  • Naturally generating snow bushes may now drop Ice Berries
  • Naturally generating ice crystals in the Snow Biome may now drop Frigid Fragments
  • Fathomless Shrine Butterfly Spawning outcome may now also spawn Golden Butterflies
  • Sepulchre Chests now say "Cursed!" instead of "Trapped!" when cursed

World Generation[]

  • Changed Dark Sepulchre worldgen progress message
  • Added slopes to the Asteroid Field
  • Modified Fathomless Shrines to have a tile blacklist, as to not spawn over other modded content, and modified generation in order to make it look more natural
  • Modified Dark Sepulchres to also have the blacklist
  • Blood Blossom now floats in the air, no longer fails to anchor in world generation.


  • Desert Nighttime music no longer overrides Eerie (Blood Moon music)
  • Fixed an issue where Spirit Biome music overlapped the Dungeon


  • Slayer Quests now greatly increase spawn chances for contracted enemies
  • Quests now have an interactive HUD
  • Quests now have a Custom Book Interface
  • Quests can now be assigned by any NPC or item
  • The Hornetfish Quest now has branching paths
  • The Hookbat Quest has now been expanded
  • Quests have been split into categories: Main, Forager, Slayer, Builder, Other
  • Added Slayer quest Lifeform Analyzer functionality


  • Briar Ambience
    • Briar is no longer as dark during nighttime and underground
    • Reduced rain intensity in the Briar greatly
    • Removed the 20% fishing skill bonus that comes from Briar perma-rain. Normal rain in the Briar still grants the bonus
    • Reduced how much dust Briar Vines give off
  • Pins now display on the minimap
  • Arcane Codex Zones
    • Added Buff Icons to show how much time is left
    • Buffed radius
    • Buff time increased to 5 seconds from 2.5
  • Edited water physics slightly to make ripples larger and more splash-y
  • The Adventurer now sells any unique Quest Reward after quest completion in order to have rewards be repeatable.
  • Config
    • Updated Spirit Config and Music Config to be more organized
    • Added little config icons for each config option
  • Reduced Hyperspace particle spawn chance and opacity

Bug Fixes[]


  • Fixed Occultist not spawning if the EoW/BoC/Skeletron was the first boss you defeated
  • Fixed the afterimage of Snow Monger being off-center and in front of the sprite
  • Fixed Starplate Voyager displaying its death message twice
  • Grealty improved Moon Jelly Wizard performance in multiplayer


  • Fixed Tide enemies not spawning in multiplayer


  • Scarab Pillbug mount now properly displays player position on the minimap
  • Fixed Crystal Drifter, Deadeye Marksman, Screech Owl, and Blizzard Bandit spawning near Town NPC "safe zones"
  • Fixed Ebonkoi critters not being spawned when the item was consumed'
  • Less visual bugs relating to Arterial Graspers
  • General fixes for the Valkyrie and Cavern Bandit
  • Fixed Hail and Gale snail occassionally flipping sprite directions and moving in the wrong way
  • Fixed an issue where Moonlight Preservers fired too many Tiny Lunazoas in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where Kakamora Windglider spritesheets clipped
  • Multiplayer improvements for Ancient Apostle, Antlion Assassin, Arterial Grasper, Astral Adventurer, Astral Amalgam, Beholder, Blazing Rattler, Blizzard Bandit, and Bloatfish


  • Changed "Ancient Flier Treasure Bag" to "Ancient Avian Treasure Bag"
    • This change was not actually implemented.
  • Improved Valkyrie Spirit Spear performance in multiplayer
  • Fixed Mango Jelly Minion targetting non-targetable npcs (Blazing Wheels, etc.)
  • Fixed books and pages opening for all players if one player opened them in multiplayer
  • Fixed a typo in 'Notes on Bismite Crystals'
  • Dusking's treasure bag now properly drops weapons in expert mode
  • Fixed Virulent Explosion exploding on the top left of an enemy rather than the center
  • Fixed issues with Brilliant Harvester ore/gem drops
  • Fixed Coiled Rod resummoning the minion on right-click
  • Fixed Coiled Rod summoning 2 sentries in
  • Fixed Jinxbow conflicting with LuiAFK endless quivers of different arrows
  • Fixed Shadowbreak Wand tile sheeting issue
  • Fixed Pop Rocks occasionally only granting Shine and not Well Fed
  • Fixed Gate Staff in SP and MP


  • Fixed Acid Table and Shiverbark Table not counting as a table for building
  • Fixed Briarmoth Cage's recipe using a Terrarium instead of a bottle
  • Fixed Explosive Barrels not working in multiplayer
  • Briar Grass turns into dirt when mined
  • Fixed an issue where Duskwood would merge with random tiles

World Generation[]


  • Fixed a major multiplayer bug where large amounts of unnecessary data was being transmitted, leading to multiplayer Spirit slowly 'degrading' over time and improving multiplayer performance overall
  • Arcane Codex Zones
    • Fixed all Arcane Zones not being cancellable
    • Fixed all Arcane Zones being right-click usable for no reason
    • Fixed Arcane Zone buffs not working as a means to disable zones.
    • Fixed Stamina Zone not applying buff
  • Fixed all projectiles that have an internal knockBack value between 0.2 and 0.5 having infinite pierce and no i-frames
  • Fixed bug where fishing up enemies would also make you fish up random items






  • Improved all Arcane Codex Zone buffs visually
  • Resprited Overdrive buff
  • Implemented a community resprite for Snow Monger's Boss Icon (Swamon) and Glyph Buffs (Saxolotl)




Weapons and Tools[]

Armor and Vanity[]



Crafting Materials[]



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