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“Sinister Sands”
Release date March 27, 2021
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Version History

Spirit Mod brought about an overhaul to Scarabeus and the Dark Sepulchre, as well as the introduction of many new items and mechanics such as


Scarabeus Overhaul[]

Sepulchre Overhaul[]


Miscellaneous Additions[]


Boss Changes[]


  • Boss fight has been extensively reworked with an entirely revamped Phase 1 and Phase 2 and a resprite.
  • Removed Children of Scarabeus from the fight.
  • Given 4 new drops and a new Expert item.

Vinewrath Bane[]

  • Boss fight has recieved a soft rework with a redone phase 1 and phase 2.
  • Red Thorns on the Vinewrath Banes sprite have glowmasks.
  • Red Thorns fired by the Vinewrath Bane accelerate over time.
  • Removed Solar Flowers from the fight.

Starplate Voyager[]

Phase 1[]

  • Laser projectiles start slower and accelerate over time.
  • When performing the star rain attack, will

Phase 2[]

Snow Monger[]

  • Shoots two ice bolts at the player from either arm four times
  • Quickly rushes toward the player's vertical position, then pauses, and fires three electric bolts from its tail
  • Lunges at the player

Changes / Balance[]

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed Hemophora spawning outside the Jungle.
  • Fixed Corpsebloom issue with giving poison.
  • Fixed Thorn Hook shooting 2 projectiles and its sprite being cut off
  • Fixed green solution not purifying Spirit and Briar grass.
  • Fixed Spirit Stone not replacing mossy stone.
  • Fixed Antlion Assassin and Antlion Rider hit sounds.
  • Fixed Cactus Staff being in the Ziggurat Chest.
  • Fixed Cornucop-ion killing Old Ones Army portals.
  • Fixed leaf gores turning into clouds if blood and gore is disabled.
  • Fixed Starplate Voyager projectiles dealing 2-4 times the damage they were supposed to.
  • Fixed Vinewrath Banes second phase having less health than it should have.
  • Fixed Clubs not flipping with the player.
  • Fixed tiles below unbreakable tiles being breakable or able to be actuated.
  • Fixed Arterial Grasper being buggy.
  • Fixed Marble Quests being skippable.
  • Fixed Asteroid Explorer Quest not giving you the required scroll.
  • Fixed Cobalt Staff and Orichalcum Staff projectiles spawning inside tiles if the staffs projectile sprites were inside tiles.
  • Fixed Gate Staff minions being able to be summoned multiple times if you have more of the weapon.
  • Fixed Calm Night leaves blowing in the Snow biome.
  • Fixed use sounds and styles for some food items.
  • Fixed Vinewrath Banes hitbox being aligned too far to some directions.
  • Fixed Overgrowth Staff and Slagtern Staff minions being summonable multiple times.
  • Fixed Olive and Spirit Solutions breaking vines and grass.
  • Fixed Marble Explorer Quest being skippable.
  • Fixed Asteroid Explorer Quest not giving you the necessary item.
  • Fixed Occultist using gores from its old sprite.



  • Removed Amber Slasher, Ambertush Spear, Bio Staff, Bismite Knife, Bismite Wrath, Blizzard Scepter, Bloodshadow, Bramble Dagger, Chitin Spear, Clauncher, Compass Rose, Core Crusher, Crystal Shadow, Darkfire Katana, Deity's Lineage, Depth Charm, Depth Pistol, Depth Spiral, Depth Star, Ethereal Bow, Ethereal Staff, Ethereal Sword, Flamering Staff, Folv's Ancient Blade, Folv's Ancient Staff, Folv's Arcane Bolt, Folv's Enchanted Blade, Folv's Lost Blade, Folv's Magic Missiles, Folv's Missile Barrage, Folv's Sharpened Blade, Frost Tome, Gandharva's Fury, Garuda, Hell Raiser, Lava Spear, Lavacloud Staff, Lihzahrd Dagger, Lihzahrd Spear, Longhorn Blade, Malevolence, Mechanical Scrap, Paleolith Shuriken, Primavore Staff, Prime Saw, PrimeLaser, Quicksilver Blade, Quicksilver Bow, Quicksilver Purge, Quicksilver Wand, Spooky Chakram, Staff of the Dark Magus, Staff of the Insect Brood, Tesla Spike, The Mesopalegic, Thermal Blaster, Titanic Crusher, Titanic Blade, Vein Drainer, Yaksha's Grace.
  • Removed Ancient Hilt, Atmos Protector, Blizzard armor, Bloomwind armor, Briarhunt Charm, Broken Hero Staff, Broken Gun Parts, Bubble Shield, Coral armor, Core of the Berserker, Crystal Shield, Depth armor, Depth Shard, Dune armor, Dune Essence, Dusk Stone, Essence Distorter, Fiery Essence, Fiery Pendant, Flame of the Magus, Folv's Worn Staff, Folv's Worn Staff of Defense, Folv's Worn Staff of Protection, Forgotten Enchantment, Gremlin Tooth, Hardened Carapace, Heart of the Moon, Hightide Blade, Hightide Bow, Icy Essence, King's Stone, Lava Soul, Lunar Wisp, Magic Whetstone, Malevolent armor, Necrotic Pendant, Pendant of the Warm Winds, Primeval Essence, Quicksilver armor, Sap Sipper, Spirit Crystal, Spirit Crystal armor, Stardrop Staff, Sun Shard, Talon, Thermal armor, Thermite Bar, Thermite Ore, Tidal Essence, Titanic armor, Toxic Extract, Twilight Stone, Wind God armor and Worshippers Jewel.
  • Removed Captive Mask, Child of Scarabeus, Depth Trencher, Fel Demon, Geode Elemental, Illuminant Slimer, Jeweled Bat, Jeweled Slime, Lavavent Elemental, Lone Trapper, Shell Bane, Spectral Skull, Velella, Waking Nightmare and Wildwood Shaman.
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