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“A Bit of Everything Update”
Release date July 30th, 2017
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Version History

The 1.3 Update was in the works for about a month before being released on the 30th of July, 2017. The update added more than 130 items, quite a few new enemies, two new Bosses and much more, along with lots of balancing and fixes.


  • Added the Ethereal Umbra and all of its loot.
  • Added the Vinewrath Bane and all of its loot.
  • The Tide has been overhauled, with changes including:
    • The Tide can now only be fought at the ocean, enemies will not attack you everywhere.
    • The Tide ends upon exiting your world.
    • The Tide now possesses an icon.
  • Added the Cryolite Ore and Thermite Ore.
  • Added music for the Spirit Biome's surface.
  • The Spirit Biome now spawns Spirit Islands upon generation, containing Spirit Chests, which can be unlocked via a Spirit Key.
  • Added the Ghastblade, Ethereal Dragon, Ghast Beam, Ghast Staff and Wispedge.
  • Added the Quicksilver armor.
  • Added throwing weapons to the Blood Moon, Old One's Army, Goblin Army and Solar Eclipse.
  • Every boss now possesses its own Trophy.
  • Added the Flame of the Magus, Core of the Berserker and Beacon of the Assassin.
  • Added the Tattered Script, Shadow Collar, Stardrive Chip, Ancient Grimoire and Support Beacon.
  • Added the Drakin Teeth, the Antlion Idol and Strange Kelp.
  • Added the Thermal, Floran and Cryolite elementals.
  • Added more items which use the Worshipper's Jewel in their recipe.
  • Added the Flare Treads.
  • Added the Armor Ability key.
  • Added The Milestone painting in celebration of reaching the 1000 items milestone.
  • Much more content that cannot be shown due to a lack of source.

Changes/Bug Fixes[]

  • Resprited the Illuminant Master.
  • Added recipe groups for multiple items.
  • Fixed the Gargantuan Snail spawn rates.
  • Reduced the spawn rates of many underground mobs.
  • Tweaked modded Lihzahrd Temple enemy spawn rates, but gave some vanilla enemies the chance to drop Sun Shards if they don't spawn.
  • Made the Shard of Thanos' after images bounce, and made the RMB crystal storms travel in different directions to grant more coverage.
  • Made the Death Wind faster at the expense of losing its ability to pierce.
  • Changed a few minion AIs.
  • Buffed multiple sets, including Geode, Dusk, Pain Monger, Wither and Reaper gear.
  • Buffed the Holy Burst and Terravolver.
  • All debuffs on enemies that reduced their damage have been changed.
  • Fixed all Reach and Spirit Biome enemies spawning during events.
  • Nerfed Possessed armor.
  • Nerfed Duskrise Bow.
  • Fixed Earthblade's debuff causing ghost dummies to move around.
  • Nerfed Atlas' damage, but made his arms quicker.
  • Nerfed Overseer a bit in health and damage.
  • Fixed all the issues with Shard of Thanos changing damage with different click modes.
  • Buffed artifact material drop chances in expert mode.
  • Made Starplate Raider less vulnerable to piercing.
  • Made Spirit Biome generation convert ice into Spirit Ice correctly.
  • Fixed a huge amount of spelling errors.
  • Buffed Hellfire Shotgun immensely.
  • Fixed Duskwood furniture and it's odd crafting recipes, as well as the Spirit Chest looking faulty.
  • Buffed all of Folv's weapons.
  • Changed how the Fate Token works, now it will save you from death once but a 2 minute cooldown will prevent you for using the item again immediately.
  • Many more changes and bug fixes that cannot be shown due to a lack of source.
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